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Hattie B’s famous Black Eyed Pea Salad is dressed with a bright and also perfectly balanced vinaigrette and also is a delicious make-ahead next dish!

Made fully from scratch, Hattie B’s famed Black Eyed Pea Salad is dressed v a bright and also perfectly well balanced vinaigrette that’s tossed together with fresh, fresh diced red and also green bell peppers, scallions, and also garlic. Hattie B’s is a bustling and trendy warm chicken restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.

As you know, black eyed peas space really famous in January, however this side is additionally perfect because that Easter dinner, barbecues and picnics, or any time — not simply for the new year!

The food starts by food preparation dried black eyed peas in chicken broth v sizzling bacon to med the peas through delicious flavor.

All together it makes a tasty salad or next dish to accompany any type of meal — it’s not simply for hot chicken! If you favor marinated bean salad, you’ll love this simple recipe.

Why you’ll love this pea salad

Best offered chilled, black Eyed Pea Salad deserve to be comprised to 2 days front of time.Black eyed peas are extremely nutritious, wealthy in fiber and protein, and make great energy source.

Behind the recipe

Weekend visits to Nashville to watch our girls often involve preventing by one of their favorite local spots, Hattie B’s, because that hotchicken — and I do mean HOT!

Specializing in fried chicken the all warmth levels, Hattie B’s offer it increase Southern format (no heat), mild or medium (touch the burn), hot! (feel the heat), damn hot (fire starter), or for those who arereally adventurous or stupid, shut the cluck up!!! (burn notice).

I’ll admit that I’m a wimp and also haven’t ventured previous the mild warm chicken, i beg your pardon is many spicy for me!

Besides the tasty chicken, though, I have fallen in love with Hattie B’sBlack Eye Pea Salad and was yes, really excited come findChef john Lasatar’srecipe posted on theNashville Channel 5 news site.

I think you’ll reap this Southern-style marinated black color eyed pea salad, too!

Key ingredients and also substitutions

Dried black-eyed peas — don’t be tempted to quick cut through canned black eyed peas, i promise you won’t acquire the exact same results.Red and green bell peppersScallions or green onions — or you might use carefully diced red onionFresh garlic Champagne vinegar — or white alcohol vinegarMalt vinegar — or to apologize cider vinegarFresh flat-leaf Italian parsleyBacon — provided for cooking and also seasoning the black eyed peasLow-sodium chicken broth — or vegetable broth, for the cooking liquid

STEP 2 | do the vinaigrette

While the beans soak, prepare the vinaigrette to give it time to marinate. In a medium-size bowl, whisk together the Champagne vinegar and also malt vinegar with olive oil, parsley, salt, and black pepper. Row in chopped red and green bell peppers, scallions, and garlic. Cover and chill approximately 12 hours before tossing v cooked black color eyed peas.

STEP 3 | chef the black eyed peas

In a large pot or Dutch stove over tool heat, chef 4 slices the bacon until it is browned (but not crisp) and also the fat is rendered. Add the drained black color eyed peas, then pour in the chicken or vegetable broth and also bring to a boil. Mitigate the heat to low. Simmer, stirring occasionally, till the peas room tender, around 25 come 30 minutes.Discard the bacon and also drain turn off the food preparation liquid.

Check out this short article to learn how to cook black eyed peas in the immediate pot.

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STEP 4 | Toss the salad

Transfer the drained black eyed peas come a large bowl. Add the ready vinaigrette and also toss gently to combine. Refrigerate until all set to serve.