Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn Ghost Story

In the mood for dinner and also some well spirits? probably a drink together well? While girlfriend don"t have to look too hard in great ole haunted St. Louis for any of those 3 things, you may want to placed this one up close to the top of her list.In 1980, Life Magazine listed the the Lemp Mansion as among the ten many haunted places in America. Most of the remodeling to be done in the 1970"s and also coincided with plenty of reports of feeling of being watched, disappearing tools and strange noises. Many construction workers would certainly leave the site and also never come back. Nowadays, glasses may lift turn off the bar and also fly in the air. Sounds space heard v no explanation behind them. Doors lock and also unlock on their own. The piano in the bar plays on it"s own. Part glimpses of apparitions have arisen as well, including the "Lavender Lady."How walk it come to be so haunted? The Lemp Mansion was developed in the early 1860"s and was ultimately purchased by wilhelm J. Lemp as a residence and also auxiliary brewery office. Although that was already an outstanding structure, Lemp used his enormous brewery fortune to rotate the thirty-three room house into a victor showplace.The very first major downswing in the Lemp dynasty arisen when Frederick Lemp, William"s favourite son and the heir evident to the brewery presidency, died under mysterious circumstances in 1901. Three years later, wilhelm J. Lemp shot self in the head in a bedroom in ~ the family members mansion, supposedly still grieving the lose of his lover Frederick. Wilhelm J. Lemp, Jr. Take it over as president.Tragedy continued to stalk the Lemps. The brewery"s fortunes continued to decrease until Prohibition, in 1919, closeup of the door the plant permanently. Wilhelm Jr."s sister Elsa, that was thought about the wealthiest heiress in St. Louis, committed suicide in 1920. Although most of the company"s legacy were later liquidated, the Lemps continued to have an virtually morbid attachment because that the household mansion. After ~ presiding end the revenue of the brewery, wilhelm J. Lemp, Jr. Shot self in the same structure where his father died eighteen years earlier. His son, william Lemp III, was forty-two when he passed away of a heart assault in 1943. Wilhelm Jr."s brother, Charles, ongoing to reside in ~ the house after his brother"s suicide. Very bitter man, Charles led a reclusive presence until the too passed away of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His human body was found by his brother, Edwin.In 1970, Edwin Lemp died of natural causes at the period of ninety.

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