Halloween wouldn’t be quite finish without visiting a couple of haunted houses, and also Texas is house to one of the ideal in the country. 13th Floor has actually locations all over the country, and two are right below in the Lone Star State: Houston and San Antonio. From deranged clowns come cursed mirrors, this infamous destination promises the fright of your life.

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During these uncertain times, you re welcome keep safety in mind and consider including destinations to her bucket list to visit at a later on date.
With locations in both mountain Antonio and Houston and also several various other states, 13th Floor was ranked amongst the top 5 haunted homes in the nation by USA Today. Even if it is or not you fear easily, all who visit this horrific haunt can expect the fright of your life.

Each year brings various themes, from creepy clowns to timeless haunted hotels and everything in-between. Your pulse will certainly quicken v every successive step, together you wait with baited breath to see who -- or what -- lurks in the shadows.

At the san Antonio location, you"ll have two attractions to pick from. The an initial is a human slaughterhouse whose stench that decomposing body attracts hordes that the undead.

There"s additionally an abandoned city overrun through deranged carnival clowns. It"s a circus of deadly proportions, and the greatest trick will certainly be if you can make it the end alive.

In Houston, a twist on the standard tale the Bloody mary is after your an extremely soul. Have the right to you regulate to get through the home without gazing into a single mirror? simply one mistake might prove catastrophic.

It every starts ~ above September 12 in Houston, and September 18 in mountain Antonio. Tickets aren"t however on sale, and price details have actually yet to be released, so store checking the websites because that updates.
Special precautions have actually been spreading to save visitors safe. Every staff will wear confront coverings and also have their temperatures checked, capacity will be limited, surfaces will be sanitized, and social distancing will certainly be enforced. Guests will additionally be asked to wear masks, and hand sanitizer will certainly be conveniently available.

Click below for the mountain Antonio page, and here for Houston.

Have you ever been to 13th Floor Haunted House? If so, we’d love come hear all the bone-chilling details! Let us know, and check out our previous write-up for an additional bucket perform fall destination to visit this season: The Pumpkin Wonderland In Texas That will Make All her Fall dreams Come True.

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