Since it is Halloween Month, and also this is a sad story of opulence, suicide and hauntings, I assumed I’d share my suffer with Pepperidge Hall. I grew up in the community known as Idle Hour in Oakdale, new York. That was dubbed that as the dwellings were developed on the grounds of william K. Vanderbilt’s…


In celebration of Halloween month, we offer a haunted home story. (Note: This home is not for sale). ~ Old homes Under $50K featured a couple of cheap old residences for sale in Alton, Illinois, reader let me know than the ar is considered to be among the “most haunted tiny towns in…

608 Vance St, Reidsville, NC 27320 $99,900 ~ enhanced to $200,000 OHU50K note OHU50K featured this house back in July 2020 when it was provided at $99,900, then taken turn off market. We received an email update from the owner the the house is back on the sector for $200,000. Exact same pics as July. This…

With the slew of comments OHU50K receives about orbs and also mysterious shadows in our featured photos, it appears some readers are fascinated through haunted houses. I haven’t made decision if ns am a believer or no in paranormal activity, but I do love researching old houses. Through Halloween coming up this month, right here is a haunted…

Not because that sale. This is the third in our Halloween series of ghostly dwellings – a haunted house tale that could interest you – The Curse that the Lemp Mansion. As a rags-to-riches story, the Lemp family tale is like none other. Johann Adam Lemp left his residence in Germany and emigrated to St. Louis…

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Welcome come Old dwellings Under $50,000, a blog particularly aimed for all of those one-of-a-kind individuals and also families who space addicted to old houses. Execute bullseye moldings and newel write-ups get your heart pumping? carry out you pine in ~ every neglected, pre-1940s home you see? Old residences have a mystery, history and character that newer houses just can not match. Lock ignite other in us that physically color etc us through their front doors.

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I know. I thrived up in Idle Hour in Oakdale, brand-new York, the previous estate of wilhelm Kassam Vanderbilt. With an early appreciation everything old, the my husband, David, and our seven kids, have always loved, own and revitalized old historic homes.

We space not realtors, simply curators that old homes, sometimes serving castle up with a part of history. For this reason dream, browse, window shop. You might just discover your “perfect” fixer upper for under $50,000, or top top Thursdays under $75K, and also Sundays under $100k. participates in Amazon, Target, house Depot and eBay companion networks. We acquire paid rose on any type of purchases made with these links. The prices space the very same if you go v an affiliate link and also if girlfriend went direct. is an opinion-based blog and also does no represent any property or agency. This website is strictly because that informational and also entertainment purposes and also will not be hosted responsible or liable for its use or accuracy. Price, status, neighborhood, condition and also all other details must be individually verified. Contact the agent because that information.

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I know. I thrived up in Idle Hour in Oakdale, brand-new York, the former estate of william Kassam Vanderbilt. A 900-acre tract along the Connetquot flow and an excellent South bay of long Island to be my playground. Small meandering roadways with wooden bridges running over fabricated canals, a turn-of-the-century conservatory, a clock tower, a carriage house, and brick chicken coups and also stables rehabbed right into homes referred to as The Artist colony dotted the lush land surrounding Vanderbilt’s 1899 mansion. The estate had actually long been damaged into fifty percent acre plots v an eclectic array of more recent homes, but my finest friend resided in Vanderbilt’s old billiard and pool hall.

It’s no wonder then, with an early love for wrap-around porches and stained glass windows, the my husband, David, and our seven kids, have constantly owned old, historical homes.