We’re pretty details that you know all about Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond. Yet did you understand that they have a couple of more siblings? and also “a few” is probably an understatement as Donny and Marie have actually seven other famous brothers!

Donny and Marie, as well as their brother Virl Osmond, Tom Osmond, Alan Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Jay Osmond and also Jimmy Osmond, to be all increased by parental Olive Osmond and George Osmond. The proud mom and also dad were married in 1944 and also remained a pair till Olive’s death in 2004. George sadly died just three years later in 2007.

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As pan of the top Osmond clan know, Donny and Marie reached mainstream fame through their 1976 variety collection Donny & Marie, yet they no the just ones in the family members that go the music route.

In fact, way before Donny had actually a struggle TV show, he join the barbershop quartet well-known as The Osmond Brothers, which likewise included his brother Alan, Merrill, Wayne, Jay and also Jimmy.


Although the Osmond siblings went their separates methods in your careers as they obtained older, the lovely brood stayed closer than ever. Marie’s brothers even praised her for being together an exceptional sister while farming up alongside seven boys.

“I think the best compliment ns can offer my sister is that she’s so lot like our mother. She not only a wonderful wife but she’s a an excellent mother to she kids and also a wonderful grandmother,” Jay gushed in video clip tribute in honor of Marie’s 60th date of birth on The Talk in October 2019.


Alan echoed his brother’s sentiments, marveling, “She cares and also loves others. She’s constantly giving come others prior to giving to herself.” that sweetly added, “She carried in a sense of class and also beauty to our family and she is the jewel on top of the tree.”

The lover TV host proved she loves she brothers simply as lot as she once mutual a sweet throwback that their family members in honor of nationwide Siblings Day. “To mine eight impressive brothers, Happy #NationalSiblingsDay!” Marie captioned a snap via Instagram, adding the hashtag “#FamiliesAreForever.”

Scroll down to learn about each of the Osmond siblings! 


Virl Osmond

Virl, pictured ~ above the left, to be born with a hearing special needs so he no able to take part in his siblings’ musical act. However, the TV producer still aided out through the family organization as that took numerous photos because that his siblings for publicity.

When he wasn’t busy through his family’s iconic career, Virl had actually his hands complete as the father of his very own eight children. Alongside mam Christopher Marie Carroll, Virl ended up being the proud dad of children Hyrum, Virginia, Virl Jr., David, Aaron, Joseph, Olivia and also Jared.

Tom Osmon

Tom, choose his brother Virl, has actually a hearing disability. Return Tom no perform lot as a member of the Osmond family, the was quite busy with his an individual life.

All together, Tom has nine children — seven kids whom he shares with first wife Lyn Heslop and 2 with 2nd spouse Carolyn Olsen. Sadly, one of Tom’s children from his an initial marriage passed away as an infant.

In January 2019, Tom’s sister, Marie, opened up about her brother’s health adhering to a quadruple bypass heart surgery. “He’s a miracle,” she exclusively gushed to Closer Weekly.

Alan Osmond

Alan increased to fame together his brothers as a singer in The Osmonds band. During their time together a performing group, Alan mainly sang back-up vocals while the other brothers sang lead. Alan also served in the California military National guard in the 1960s.

In 1974, the “Crazy Horses” singer married wife Suzanne Pinegar and together welcomed their eight kids, David, Nathan, Scott, Tyler, Michael, Alex, Douglas and also Jon.

In October 2019, Alan looked far better than ever before as he hit the roads to support Donny and Marie together they were honored through the ras Vegas go of Stars. Regardless of being in a wheelchair since of his many sclerosis diagnosis, Alan was all smiles if attending the event.

Wayne Osmond

As an additional member that The Osmonds, Wayne has music in his soul. Not only have the right to he sing, but he is a guitarist and also can play the clarinet, flute, violin, banjo, saxophone, drums, piano and also bagpipes.

Wayne found love v his longtime spouse, Kathlyn Osmond, when they bound the knot in 1974. Shortly after walking under the aisle, Wayne and Kathlyn came to be the proud parental of children Amy, Steven, Michele, Gregory and also Sarah.

Merrill Osmond

Not just was Merrill a component of The Osmonds, yet he was likewise a component of the group’s country spin-off, The Osmond Brothers. Although every one of Merill’s siblings own talented skills, he can boast around the truth he’s been knighted twice — once by the bespeak of Saint Michael of the Wing and also then by the Sovereign armed forces Order that the temple of Jerusalem.

Merrill, that was the very first of his performing brothers come marry, said “I Do” come Mary Carlson in 1973 and also they go on to have actually six kids, Troy, Justin, Heather, Sheila, Travis and Shane.

Jay Osmond

You can not really have actually a tape without a drummer, right? Jay noted some percussion because that The Osmonds. In 1987, that married Kandilyn Harris and also together they have actually three kids, Jason, Eric and also Marcus. However, the pair later divorced in 2011.

Donny Osmond

Well, us think girlfriend all recognize who this Donny character is. He’s only the most famous member the The Osmonds band, a previous teen idol, a Dancing v the Stars winner and one-half the the former well-known Donny & Marie show!

On peak of his success as a las Vegas superstar thanks to his long-running residency, and also hit role on The masking Singer, Donny is also beloved for being a doting household man. ~ falling in love v wife Debbie Osmond in 1978, the “I’ll make a man Out of You” singer came to be the proud dad that his 5 kids, Donald, Jeremy, Christopher Brandon and Josh.

Marie Osmond

The second youngest, and also only girl the the Osmond sibling clan, Marie has been quite a force in the to chat business. Not just was she a successful country singer in the ’70s and ’80s, however she has likewise left her fingerprints ~ above television, movies and also Broadway. Marie is likewise a best-selling author, having actually written three books.

Since pack up her 11-year las Vegas residency with Donny in November 2019, Marie was keeping fans entertained as a cohost on The Talk, a gig she hosted for one year till September 2020. Come this day, she still functioning on her music and acting profession.

When she’s no juggling she hectic Hollywood career, Marie is making certain to invest time v husband Steve Craig and her kids, Stephen, Jessica, Rachael, Brianna, Matthew, Brandon and also Abigail. The “Paper Roses” singer is likewise the loving mama that late kid Michale Bryan.

Jimmy Osmond

The youngest member of the Osmond clan, Jimmy is quite the musician, with 6 gold records to his name. He is also currently president of Osmond Entertainment. Jimmy also has 4 kids, Isabella, Sophia, Zachary and Arthur v longtime love Michele Larson.

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In December 2018, Jimmy sadly suffered a stroke, yet he is right now on the roadway to recovery. “There are different levels the stroke, and also he has actually received the treatment he needs and also is looking front to a few months that self-care,” a source told Daily Mail in ~ the time.