Unsolved Mysteries: 15 Creepy situations That Were eventually Closed Unsolved Mysteries presented plenty of curious, weird, and scary instances to its viewers, However, some of them in reality were solved.

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not every instance highlighted end the year on Unsolved Mysteries stays unanswered. In fact, quite a few of the cases discussed in the series during Unsolved Mysteries" original run in between 1987 and also 1999 were solved, thanks to the situations airing on national television.

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Robert ridge is the most well known host of Unsolved Mysteries, i beg your pardon aired on NBC, CBS, and also then Lifetime before ending in 2002. Spike TV revitalized it in 2008 for two years, and also Netflix"s reboot debuted in 2020. Unsolved Mysteries delves right into much more than absent persons; the tackles murders, robberies, and even unexplained supernatural phenomena. While some stories stay shrouded in mystery, others were eventually resolved.

Updated on January 31st, 2021 by Scoot Allan: While the new Unsolved Mysteries top top Netflix has actually introduced a number of brand-new cases that have actually led to an outpouring of tips and also leads, none of the cases have got the above "UPDATE" tag the viewers gained used to seeing on episodes of the classic collection when a case had been resolved or viewer"s tips had actually led to more developments. If fans are still waiting for news on few of the more recent episodes, there room still fairly a few of the creepiest situations from the classic run of Unsolved Mysteries the were solved due to dedicated police work and also tips indigenous viewers the showcase the prominence of observant and vigilant neighbors and shows that give viewers the opportunity to aid with much-needed information.

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - Patricia Stallings
The third season of Unsolved Mysteries explored the case of infant Ryan Stallings after ~ his mom Patricia rushed him to the hospital, wherein it was figured out he had large amounts of ethyl glycol and also ammonia in his system, top authorities to think that he to be being poisoned. Ryan recovered as the parents to be investigated, though after she was left alone with her son during a managed visit he came to be sick again and later pass away.

Patricia to be convicted that his murder despite her claims of innocence and also had an additional child when incarcerated. This son too began having problems while she remained in prison which caused the diagnosis that methylmalonic acidemia the was ultimately proven to have been the factor for Ryan"s death, many thanks to specialists who came forward after see the Unsolved Mysteries episode.

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - Freeman Arson and also Murders
A mysterious situation of Arson in ~ the Freeman family"s mobile house was investigated in the twelfth season episode after the body of Kathy Freeman was discovered in the debris v a gunshot wound, top police to think her husband Danny had actually killed her and also taken her daughter and her girlfriend hostage. However, Danny"s murdered body to be later uncovered in the rubble by family members members.

The mystery deepened due to problems between Danny and the local Sheriff"s department, throwing apprehension on come them. Regardless of a long search, the missing girls were never discovered and the case was unsolved for almost twenty years before Ronnie Dean Busick to be arrested and charged after ~ polaroids of the captured girls had been checked out that implicated Busick and also two deceased accomplices in the drug-related murders.

Unsolved Mysteries devoted a segment in the eighth season to experimenting the usage of bloodhounds in criminal cases and abductions, like the case of the murder of Alie Berrelez, that was taken the end of she front yard while her young brother watched after ~ the babysitter went within for a moment. The bloodhound was maybe to track her odor for almost forty city blocks on come a freeway, wherein searchers tragically found the young girl"s body.

Despite her brother"s to know of the "old man" that took her and also the apartment he lived in, no arrests to be made despite numerous pieces of circumstantial evidence against the occupant, Nick Stofer. That wasn"t till years later that modern technology advanced far enough for a DNA match to connect the currently deceased Stofer to the murder, closing the situation without charges.

12 The Murders the The Rogers Family

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - Rogers family members Billboard
A 4th season episode of Unsolved Mysteries that concentrated on "Diabolical Minds" explored the unsolved instance of the killing of an Ohio woman and her two teenage daughters after your bound and also weighted-down bodies were found floating in Tampa Bay. The series followed investigators together they placed together a profile for the unknown killer who appeared to have actually lured the family on a seemingly innocent watercraft ride before raping and also murdering them.

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Oba Chandler to be eventually established by police as the murderer after his handwriting native a note was established using billboards that then associated him to various other attacks. Chandler refuse involvement in the crimes however was posthumously declared a serial killer after ~ DNA linked him to one more murder.

when the instance of the Vampire Cult murders that appeared during the ninth season of Unsolved Mysteries was in the process of being addressed as doubt were currently in custody, it"s still among the creepiest cases from the series that was thankfully closed. Rod Ferrell to be the leader of a cult that was inspired by vampire stories and games and also forced come drink the blood that Ferrell because that initiation.

When Rod"s friend Heather asked for his help in running away from she parent"s home, he entered with an accomplice and bludgeoned them to death prior to branding him with his presume vampiric sigil. Ferrell became the youngest person on fatality Row because that the crime after ~ he to be committed following the airing that the episode, though his sentence was later lessened to life in prison.

10 The face On Mars

NASA introduced its Viking 1 craft on respectable 20, 1975. Viking 1"s goal: to discover out if there"s life on Mars. The craft"s pods took countless compelling Mars photos, consisting of depleted rivers, old volcanoes, and also ice caps. The mission likewise uncovered a strange development in a desert, a formation that bears a striking same to a face.

Some researchers speculated in a 1989 illustration the face was one accident that nature, if others claimed something much more was at play – miscellaneous otherworldly. When a brand-new spacecraft checked out Mars in the "90s, updated technologies revealed the challenge on Mars is just a hill that looks prefer a confront at particular angles. Unsolved Mysteries retired the paper on this instance in 1996.

In 1993, Unsolved Mysteries reported on a man who died of a heart assault at a Connecticut Hospital. Hospital staff discovered every one of the identifying info on the man, who called himself Tom Hughes, to be fraudulent.

When authorities came to be involved, they realized Hughes had to be jumping from hospital come hospital throughout the country for months, seeking treatment for false ailments through the ultimate goal the suing the infrastructure for mishandling his fake injuries. After the episode aired, viewers identified the man as the late cutting board White. White apparently suffered from Munchausen Syndrome, which causes healthy and balanced people to make up stories around illnesses for attention.

8 The to know Of Gabby"s Bones

An illustration from 1993 delves right into the creepy story of Newell Sessions. In 1986, Sessions discovered skeletal remains in an old footlocker gifted come him through his girlfriend Gabby. Gabby asserted to have actually no understanding of what was included in the footlocker, which that told authorities that purchased years before without ever opening. Gabby later died by suicide throughout the investigation.

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The bones, top top examination, showed up to belong come a white male in his 50s or 60s. A bullet was found lodged in the skull. In 2017, the skeleton was determined as Joseph Mulvaney by his granddaughter. The woman, Shelley, said investigators the man known as Gabby was Mulvaney"s brother-in-law, john David Morris. Shelley claims Morris walk in truth murder Mulvaney, top to another case close up door in the Unsolved Mysteries universe.

The story of Margie Jelovcic aired in 2001. A effective violinist in ~ the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Jelovcic returned residence to Gary, Indiana after ~ the tragic fatality of her husband-to-be, Nassar. Back home, Jelovcic ended up being romantically involved with Randy "Mad" Yager, a member the the Outlaws – a felonious motorcycle gang.

After months of displaying weird behavior, Jelovcic disappeared v Hager in September that 1997. Jelovcic"s mom suspected foul play, however the couple was discovered living together in Mexico in 2014. Jelovcic passed away in a high-speed vehicle chase with authorities. Yager was indicted on dues of racketeering and conspiracy.

6 War-Time Friends indigenous Vietnam

A lost girlfriend case, the story the Jim Pearson aired in 1994. During the battle in Vietnam, Mitchell Shigemoto offered in the us Army. While numerous soldiers bullied and abused Shigemoto as result of his Japanese heritage, one other soldier always stood up for him: Jim Pearson. After Shigemoto to be shot during a fight with the Viet Cong, Pearson saved his life.

Shigemoto recovered in a hospital before being sent out home, never ever hearing indigenous Pearson again. Thanks to the segment airing, Shigemoto and Mitchell were rejoined in Hawaii, where Shigemoto now resides. Shigemoto to be able to give thanks to Mitchell for conserving his life.

A few months before this segment aired in 1992, a man woke up in a ditch in southern California. He had no memory of who he was, wherein he was, or where he"d been before. The gentleman located a blue duffel bag next to him in the ditch, whereby he discovered a Boston publicly Library card issued to Pierre April.

Suffering from severe amnesia, the man used the items in his duffel bag to shot to piece together memories about his past. After the illustration aired, a woman referred to as in to confirm the guy is indeed Pierre April. April was at some point able to reconnect with his parents in Canada, that told him he"d been lacking for five months. The events surrounding April"s loss remain foggy, though.

4 Monica Bonilla uncovered After taken By she Father

as soon as Monica Bonilla was five-years-old, she father Guillermo Ruiz Bonilla fled Burbank, California with her. According to Monica"s mother, Rosemary, Guillermo"s personality turned after ~ the assassination of man Lennon in 1980. Guillermo proclaimed John Lennon"s soul was reincarnated in him, and he altered his physical appearance come look similar to the absent star.

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Rosemary returned home from occupational in 1982 to find her residence emptied. Guillermo and also Monica were likewise nowhere to it is in found. This case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries as an upgrade to an episode concerned another absent girl, Nyleen Marshall. One caller believed Nyleen to be living in Vancouver, british Columbia. The girl turned out to be Monica, that was life in Canada v her dad under suspect names.

In the months bordering the 1996 Summer Olympics battle in Atlanta, comparable bombings in Spokane, Washington led regional authorities to believe the assaults were connected. In one incident, the neighborhood Spokane newspaper endured a pipe bomb to explode in a stairwell the occurred nearly simultaneously to a robbery 20 blocks far at the united state Bank.

Three month later, a plan Parenthood in Spokane to be bombed while an additional US financial institution was robbed. Eventually, 3 members of an extreme, far-right spiritual sect were charged v the bombings in Spokane. When the episode aired in 1997, part commentators speculated the three men were also involved in the Olympics bombing. However, Eric Rudolph – another far-right extremist – was ultimately charged for the to explode in Atlanta.

2 Harper"s Ferry Remains

Airing in 2001, this segment explores the examination of human being remains uncovered in a trunk outside an entrance to Harpers Ferry National historical Park in Virginia. Authorities were able come ascertain the human inside the trunk was an yonsi white male who"d been strangled. They believed the male was likely eliminated by his caretaker.

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Two year after the illustration debuted, fingerprint analysis enabled police to determine the guy as Jack Watkins. His girlfriend, Janet Siegel, was charged for his death. The two met ~ Watkins"s wife passed away. Siegel provided Watkins as an endless source of income, proceeding to cash his society Security and also retirement checks long after he disappeared.

renowned KROQ DJs Gene Baxter and also Kevin Ryder got a disturbing call into their radio present on June 13, 1990. Throughout their weekly, commonly comedic "Confess your Crime" bit, a man dubbed in and also admitted come brutally murdering his irreversible girlfriend. The male hung up before authorities might locate him.

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After the episode aired in 1990, the phone speak to was revealed to be a hoax. Baxter and Ryder were behind the fake call, which they hoped would boost ratings. Lock were put on leave without pay for a week, forced to complete neighborhood service, and told come reimburse the regional Sheriff"s room the money spent on their investigation of the phone call.