My concern is: what specifically did Paul typical when he said that? exactly how would Paul (potentially) become their enemy?

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If you review this city in context, it’s clear the Paul is in some sort of conflict with the Galatians. Despite the story is a little out of stimulate (this isn’t a narrative text, it’s a letter), what appears to have actually happened is this:

Paul come in town because of an illness, was taken care of and also shown an excellent hospitality, and used this as an chance to preach to them. Many converted and followed his preaching. (Galatians 4:13)Sometime after Paul’s departure, countless of those who he had actually converted started reverting to your pre-conversion ways. We gather this from the inquiries Paul asks in verse 9 and the rebukes he offers in 10-11:

Now, however, the you have come to know God, or rather to be well-known by God, how deserve to you turn ago again to the weak and also beggarly element spirits? How have the right to you desire to be enslaved come them again? You are observing unique days, and months, and also seasons, and also years. Ns am afraid the my job-related for girlfriend may have been wasted. (NRSV translation)

In verse 15, Paul an initial suggests that there might be trouble in paradise between him and the Galatians:

What has come to be of the goodwill you felt? (NRSV)

This statement seems to imply that this is no the first interaction in between Paul and the Galatians because he left town and they changed course. In various other words, Paul has talked to them about this already, most likely lodging few of the same rebukes he’s providing here, and also they can not use taken the well.

Which gets us to verse 16:

Have ns now become your opponent by telling you the truth? (NRSV)

So once Paul states he’s end up being their enemy, the clear he is referring come the current animosity between him and the Galatians. I check out “by telling you the truth” to it is in a reference to everything prior interactions he has had actually with lock in which the has provided the exact same rebukes he’s offering here (rebukes which presumably they have responded to with hostility). In a way, this is just a reflection of human being nature: nobody yes, really likes being criticized.

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Paul is defending the criticism he’s given by make an impassioned debate all transparent this letter because that the gospel that “freedom” from the bondage that sin the he taught to them. But it’s likewise not that surprising that when he tells world they room behaving choose slaves (in a society in which slavery was very much a live practice and also slaves were the lowest rung that the totem pole, frequently prisoners from beat “barbarian” tribes) that they aren’t acquisition it all that well.