MadTV had iconic comedic characters that took television and the web by storm. Bon Qui Qui, Coach Hines, miss out on Swan and many others starred in must-watch scenes with your food favorite (stuffed crust pizza, ice cream cream, chocolate and more) that have spread transmittable laughter to millions of fans. 

There"s yes, really nothing favor talented actors and actresses with quirky individualities that aren"t afraid to it is in weird because that the rest of us. Here are a couple of classic MadTV moments, scenes and stars that are either relatable or simply straight up hilarious.

1. The renowned Pizza Hut Twisted late Pizza.

The standard Pizza Hut Twisted tardy pizza; every little thing baked right right into the crust. Soda, pudding cups, even your change.

2. Bon Qui Qui, the queen that King Burger.

No other fast food queen like Bon Qui Qui. You have the right to have it her way, however DON"T get crazy.

3. Classic complicated feuding parents at the dinner table.

When you"re amazed by a caesar salad at dinner. Life is complete of surprises.

4. "Can I have actually yo numba?"

Grab a snack or two before your movie to admire the possible love of her life (get those digits).

5. Running into your coach (especially one like Coach Hines) external of school.

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Coach Hines take away nothing from his fellow students, specifically Yamanashi. Don"t dare pointer the pointer jar, or he"ll set you ~ above fire.

6. Miss out on Swan is you at a liquid store.

Ms. Swan reminds united state that it"s okay to protect against by the candy store right as soon as it closes. And also hey, don"t be fear to take a pair hours to decision what friend want.

7. Stuart is just how you feel about sweets while on a diet.

Sometimes her babysitter isn"t gonna permit you have actually cookies. Because that Stuart, that"s not okay.

8. Trina is your hopeful trust level once you walk into an interview.

Trina struttin" right into IHOP v her perfected resume. You"re walk places, girl. Flip those flapjacks.

9. Your emphasis level in a quick food order line.

That moment when you put in your order but ain"t playin". Precision is key. Food isn"t a game, and also you median business.

10. This shooting lady won"t miss lunch for anything.

When you gotta fire people at occupational so you decide to order Chinese food if you perform the permit downs.

11. Cooking because that One is your single mood top top V-day.

When food preparation For One on Valentine"s job takes a backspin and also you establish how solitary you are. Stay strong sista.

12. Taco Bell employee aren"t playin" games.

How her waiter or fast food employee in ~ the register really feels once you do a complicated order.

13. Nothing like a quick and also easy 3-Minute Meal.

When you decide to shot that an easy Facebook video recipe that"s to be shared numerous times and it"s actually means more complex than the looks.

14. You"ve gotta be in the to win it to be a McHooters girl.

When Lida repeated every order repeatedly to herself together a server. Simply tryna succeed.

15. Bae Sung simply wants some intellectual conversation.

When you acquire a waiter like Bae Sung, you"re gonna acquire the dorn order. And also it"ll probably take forever.

16. Bunifa Latifa Halifah Sharifa Jackson owning her fast food bespeak at large Top Circus Burger.

Bunifa Latifa Halifah Sharifa Jackson (#1 client at the loot Tree) reminds us how you yes, really feel as soon as you ar your order.

17. Nothing favor Dot and also her undying love because that gum and gloves. 

When period was corn at her college play. Bow down kernels.

18. Lorraine scoping out the buffet prior to putting she money under (just make sure).

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