There will certainly be surprises top top the roadway to Super bowl LVI ... Yet which team will certainly hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy top top February 13, 2022, at Sofi stadion in Los Angeles? The Tampa only Buccaneers begin their defense the the Super key LV title while quarterback Tom Brady begins his 21st NFL season.

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After a turbulent 2020 season that culminated v a 4-12 record and a last-place finish in the NFC South, the Atlanta Falcons are looking come rebound and get ago to the playoffs because that the very first time due to the fact that 2017. The Falcons have showed up in two Super Bowls; the an initial during the 1998 season where they shed to the Denver Broncos and many recently, a 34–28 overtime loss come the new England Patriots in Super key LI. 

The 2021 season deserve to be a shining one because that the Falcons as first-year head coach Arthur smith takes over. Atlanta right now is tied with the Chicago Bears because that the 22nd-best odds (+6000) in the organization to success the super Bowl, follow to FanDuel. broke down the fifty-buzzpatterson.comx things to clock on the roadway to Super bowl LVI and also there is one keep in mind on the Falcons (plus one we think have to be included):

1. How badly perform quarterback Matt Ryan and also coach Arthur Smith miss out on Julio Jones?

For Atlanta, life without receiver Julio Jones begins. Quarterback Matt Ryan won’t have Jones, who was traded to the Tennessee Titans, to depend on for the first time in more than a decade. 

Atlanta's offenbuzzpatterson.comve firepower still continues to be with crucial additions. The Falcons buzzpatterson.comgned running ago Mike Davis, who carried 165 times for 642 yards and also buzzpatterson.comx touchdowns last season for the Carolina Panthers as Christian McCaffrey's stand-in. Include in star recipient Calvin Ridley, reliable second option Russell Gage and also rookie tight end Kyle Pitts. I m sorry brings us to our next question...



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2. As the highest tight end ever drafted, what influence will Pitts do in his rookie campaign?

Atlanta selected Pitts fourth all at once in April and some analysts have referred to as him the finest tight-end prospect they had ever scouted. Pitts is 6-foot-6 and also 245 pounds with sub 4.5 speed in the 40-yard dash. In eight games last season for the Gators, Pitts totaled 43 receptions because that 770 yards through 12 touchdowns.

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A big football question for the whole league: will the 17th video game lead to pronounced fill management for part players?

Also, a rule adjust to keep in mind - every the NFL's brand-new jersey number guidelines, running backs, large receivers, tight ends, protective backs and also linebackers can all currently wear buzzpatterson.comngle-digit numbers.

COVID-19 will undoubtedly have an impact on this season. Fans are back in stadiums. Stars are returning from injuries. What storylines are you excited to follow during this season?