Ron MacLean, Nick Kypreos, Kelly Hrudey and also Elliotte Friedman recap game 7 that the Stanley Cup Final between the St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins.

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Emily Sadler |
Emily Sadler

The St. Louis Blues hoisted the Stanley Cup Wednesday night for the very first time in franchise history, and also so end the longest wait for the toughest trophy in sports.

It take it 52 years because that the midwest club to case Lord Stanley’s Cup, making lock the oldest team in NHL background to have actually never winner it all. The all adjusted with your 4-1 game 7 win over the Boston Bruins.

When the NHL broadened to 6 brand-new cities, the Blues were the an initial to make it to the SC Final…Of those expansion teams still in existence, they are the last to win the Cup.

Philadelphia 1974Pittsburgh 1991Minnesota/Dallas 1999Los Angeles 2012St luigi 2019

— man Shannon (
There space so many an excellent stories surround this team, native Ryan O’Reilly’s journey towards Conn Smythe success and Jordan Binnington’s out-of-nowhere triumphs to the club’s quick rise from basement to best and all the the one-of-a-kind fans — like hockey’s favourite warrior, Laila Anderson — singing Gloria with every win earned.

A bond that can't it is in broken.

Laila Anderson and Colton Parayko background the #StanleyCup together.

— ( June 13, 2019

There room plenty of quite cool stats bordering this historical Stanley Cup win, too. Here’s a watch at several of the interesting facts and figures native the victory:

1. currently that the Blues have ended their wait, all eyes room on the Toronto Maple Leafs to finish their slump together not-so-proud owners of the league’s longest energetic Stanley Cup dryness at 52 years. Buffalo and also Vancouver aren’t much behind them, at 48 years.

2. not only had actually the Blues franchise never ever won a Cup before this year, yet no player ~ above the roster had, either.

StLouisBlues are the 4th team in the modern era (since 1943-44) – and an initial in 30 years – to win the #StanleyCup without a previous winner on your roster, authorized the 1974 Flyers, 1980 Islanders and also 1989 Flames. #NHLStats

— NHL Public relations (
3. It’s been a long road come the Stanley Cup for the Blues this feather — 26 games, to it is in exact. The Blues tied the 2014 Los Angeles kings for most gamings played in a single post-season by a Stanley Cup champ. (They walk six games in ring 1 and 3, and also seven in the second round and Cup Final.)

4. however first, they had to obtain to the post-season in the very first place. The roadway to playoff contention was quite the journey, native last location in the entire NHL to start 2019 to sit atop the organization to close out the campaign.

StLouisBlues room the very first team from any of the four significant North American sporting activities leagues to success a title after placing critical place as whole in the league standings ~ one-quarter or much more of the season’s games (since 1967-68). #NHLStats #Game7 #StanleyCup

— NHL Public relations (
5. Binnington’s 16 playoff victories to adjust a brand-new record for most wins through a rookie netminder in a solitary post-season.

6. The Blues’ victory follows an amazing trend: of the last 11 groups to hoist the Stanley Cup, four had a mid-season coaching change. The Blues, that course, changed Mike Yeo v Craig Berube earlier in November of this season. The Pittsburgh Penguins twice won the Cup after ~ a coaching change (first v Dan Bylsma in 2008-09 and then v Mike Sullivan in 2015-16), and also the queens won the Cup with then-new coach Darryl Sutter in 2011-12.

#stlblues Craig Berube is the 7th head coach in background to win the #StanleyCup after taking over midway thru the season

— Stats (
7. Conn Smythe winner O’Reilly is the very first player to score objectives in four straight Stanley Cup last games due to the fact that Wayne Gretzky did the in 1985. He perfect the playoffs with a franchise-best eight goals and 15 assists for 23 points in 26 playoff games.

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Ryan O'Reilly sets a #STLBlues record for clues in one postseason en course to a Conn Smythe Trophy

— Stats (

#STLBlues are the 6th team in background to win 10 road gamings in one postseason

— Stats (
#STLBlues are the fourth team in background to success 3 right road gamings in the #StanleyCup final

— Stats (
9. The Stanley Cup hasn’t been won by a Canadian team since the Montreal Canadiens in 1993, yet the Cup has actually visited its homeland lot of — and also it’ll make a variety of trips phibìc this summer. The Blues have a lining 20 Canadian-born football player on the roster, i beg your pardon is the most in the league this year.

10. If Taylor hall is the bringer the NHL breeze Lottery luck, it looks like journeyman troy Brouwer can just be a great omen for groups winning the Cup…

(You’re increase next, Calgary!)

Bonus fact: Barclay, now a Stanley Pup champ, is the winningest pupper in St. Louis Blues history.

It have to be listed that Barclay is a Stanley Cup champion.

— Dan Marrazza (



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