Well, let's confront it...it to be a really dark and also dreary super Bowl background from the birth of the huge game in January that 1967 until the January that 1998 as soon as John Elway hoisted the franchise's very first Lombardi Trophy.

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Prior to Super key 32 in mountain Diego once the Broncos knocked off the Packers, Denver had showed up in 5 supervisor Bowls (which is great) but managed to lose each and also every time...and in blowout fashion. In fact, the Broncos are saddled v the two biggest blowout casualty in supervisor Bowl history (vs 49'ers Jan.1990 and also Seahawks Feb. 2014) Up till the Broncos won their very first title, john Elway's job (albeit tho a an extremely successful and also Hall of reputation worthy) had actually something missing...winning the big game.

From that very first win in Super key 32, the Broncos controlled to gain to three more Super Bowls win two, consisting of the adhering to year and also claiming the title with Payton Manning leading the squad in Super bowl 50.

Here's a look ago at all 8 Denver Broncos Super bowl appearances, while few of these might invoke exorbitant memories, fair warning...some of these videos are STILL ugly to watch.

Super bowl 12

This was the Broncos first ever illustration in the at sight Bowl. 1977 season to be so good for Denver with every one of the excitement around the team play so well and then knocking off the defending champion Oakland Raiders in the AFC Champion game. The Orange crush defense, as great as they were...was facing a really hungry Dallas Cowboys team who was fighting their very own championship demons after shedding 2 of your 3 Super key appearances at this allude in time. Broncos QB Craig Morton was already banged up prior to the game and it proved plus...he obtained even more battered and left the game early. The Broncos were never really in this sales filled game and also the Cowboys overwhelmed castle on this day in brand-new Orleans, a city that would certainly prove to bring an ext championship nightmares in years to come.

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Super key 21

The Broncos were coming turn off a historical comeback win over the Cleveland Browns in the AFC title video game in "The Drive" game and also were poised to strike the brand-new York Giants, after gaining out to an early lead and also holding a slim lead at halftime...the roof caved in during the second half and the Giants took the end the Broncos 39-20.

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Super key 22

Back at it again the following year and once again, coming turn off the excited of a thrilling and historic AFC title game win over the Cleveland Browns "The Fumble" video game only THIS year...the video game was pretty much over prior to it started. RB Timmie smith (WHO???) ran because that a climate Super Bowl record 204 yards with 2 touchdowns and also Washington ran all over the Broncos to score one of the many lopsided wins in super Bowl background with a 42-10 win.


Super bowl 24

After acquisition a year turn off from Super key madness, the Broncos were earlier in the large game and this time lock were encountering one of the most dynamic teams in NFL history in the 1989 san Francisco 49'ers featuring the likes of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, i get it Craig, Ronnie Lott etc.... While most people didn't really offer the Broncos lot of a possibility in this one, ns don't think anyone supposed the route that took location in the Superdome in brand-new Orleans on that January day...a 55-10 blowout loss. It still stands together the most lopsided game in Super key history.

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Super bowl 32

After 4 appearances and 4 not so nice outcomes, the Denver Broncos were earlier in the large game yet this time, there was a various feel around this team. Not only was this the first year because that the brand-new uniforms and new logo, man Elway was surrounding by a LOT more weapons and also wasn't gift relied upon for this reason heavily. Denver had one the the most dangerous to run backs in the league with "TD" Terrell Davis and a much better defense than those previous groups in the 80's. Led through Coach Mike Shanahan, the Denver Broncos rallied to loss the defending champion eco-friendly Bay Packers in a video game that should also be remembered together the video game that Terrell Davis (who earned MVP honors in the game) played many of the moment with one excruciating migraine headache. THAT would certainly suck because as a to run back, you're getting drilled in the head a lot. Of food the postgame minute was one that will certainly FOREVER it is in etched in the minds of Broncos fans as soon as owner (the late) and great Pat Bowlen hoisted the Lombardi and also shouted the end the indigenous "This one's for John". What a moment, what a game, what a day.





Super bowl 33

The Broncos were ago in the big game and also this time castle were taking on your old coach Dan Reeves and the Atlanta Falcons under in Miami. This was additionally John Elway's last game...and what a method to go out with not only a win, but with a Super key MVP award. The Broncos took treatment of the Falcons pretty easily that day v a 34-19 win. John Elway later talked about how much he hated cram the football in the rain and less 보다 20 minute after the video game ended, there to be a downpour, that's when he yes, really knew someone was trying come tell him the it truly to be time come retire...and that did, as a back to earlier Super bowl champion.


Super bowl 48

If you thought Super key 24 versus the Niners was bad...THIS one was even worse because that Broncos fans. Also though the margin of loss wasn't as large, the video game itself was pretty lot over ~ the an initial play that the game collection the tone as soon as the snap flew over Peyton Manning's head and also through the endzone because that a safety. The Seahawks jumped on the Broncos early and never let up totally dominating the game both physically and also on the scoreboard in a 43-8 loss. I was actually living in Seattle in ~ the time and I'm no gonna lie...that was a crazy and also fun night downtown...at the very least for me. Sorry Bronco nation.

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Super key 50

Two year later, Payton Manning and also the Denver Broncos went back to the big game to take it on the Carolina Panthers that only lost 1 video game the entire year. This was the recent the Super bowl was ever before played (February 7th) which will certainly be exactly 5 year to the day for this year's Super key but more important 보다 the date, was the outcome. The Broncos put together a stellar defensive game setup to smother electronic came Newton and also the Panthers offense and took a 24-10 win and another Lombardi trophy (their 3rd) earlier home to the Mile High City.  Von MIller's overcoming defensive performance earned the Super key MVP.