China has actually planted that is flag on the Moon, more than 50 years after the US very first planted the Stars and also Stripes there.

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The images from China's National room Administration display the five-starred Red Flag holding still on the windless lunar surface.

They to be taken by a camera ~ above the Chang'e-5 an are probe before it left the Moon with rock samples top top Thursday.

Two previous Chinese lunar missions had actually flags on the crafts' coatings - so neither might be affixed to the moon.

The united state planted the first flag ~ above the Moon during the manned Apollo 11 mission in 1969. 5 further us flags to be planted on the lunar surface throughout subsequent objectives up till 1972.

In 2012 Nasa quote satellite pictures as mirroring that five of the flags were still standing, however experts quoted in media reports say they are likely to have been bleaching white by the sun's glare.

The an initial flag was claimed by astronaut Buzz Aldrin to have actually been inserted too close to the Apollo lunar module and was, he said, most likely blown away when the module blasted off.

The state-run global Times newspaper stated the Chinese flag was a reminder that the "excitement and also inspiration" felt throughout the us Apollo missions.

The fabric flag to be unfurled through the Chang'e-5 lander auto just prior to its ascender vehicle took off making use of the lander together a launchpad.

Image source, CNSA/CLEP
Chang'e-5 landing in the northwest that the Moon's nearside. The flag deserve to be seen on the right

It has actually taken soil and also rock samples come China's lunar orbiter 15km (nine miles) over the lunar surface ar - which will certainly then be enclosed in a module that will be aimed in ~ China's inside Mongolia region.

The Chinese flag is 2m broad and 90cm tall and weighs around a kilogram. All components of the flag have actually been given features such together protection against cold temperatures, project leader Li Yunfeng told the global Times.

"An ordinary national flag on earth would not survive the major lunar environment," task developer Cheng Chang said.

Image source, NASA
Image source, Reuters

China's national flag was checked out on the Moon throughout its very first lunar landing mission, Chang'e-3 in photographs taken by the lander and rover of each other. The Chang'e-4 lander and also rover carried the flag come the dark side of the moon in 2019.

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However, in both cases the flag was on the crafts' coating quite than gift an actual towel flag on a pole.