Planning because that the Cincinnati Bengals franchise began three complete years before the team started playing in the American Football league in 1968. Paul Brown, who had took pleasure in exceptional success together the head coach the the Cleveland Browns for 17 seasons prior to departing in 1962, had the advice to get earlier into pro football. In 1965, he met with then-Governor Jim Rhodes and also the 2 agreed the state could accommodate a second pro football team.

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A year later on in 1966, Cincinnati"s city council authorized the building and construction of 60,389-seat Riverfront Stadium, i m sorry was scheduled for completion by 1970. The next year, a team headed through Brown was awarded one American Football league franchise that would start play in 1968. Brown named his team the Bengals in recognition of previous Cincinnati pro football franchises through the same name in the 1930s and 1940s. Brown himself went back to the coaching ranking on the Bengals sidelines because that the an initial eight years. He retirement after the 1975 season but continued to serve as basic manager till his fatality in 1991. Mike Brown then succeeded his father as basic manager.

The 1968 Bengals winner their an initial two home games in 28,000-seat Nippert Stadium against Denver and Buffalo and finished v a 3-11 record, the many an expansion team that the 1960s recorded. Cincinnati improved sufficient in 1969 the Brown was named the AFL Coach of the Year. In 1970, they recorded the AFC central division title and thus ended up being the an initial expansion team to win a championship of any kind of kind in just three years.

In 1971, the Bengals selected Ken Anderson, a quarterback indigenous little-known Augustana College, in the 3rd round of the draft. Because that the following 16 seasons, Anderson to be the an essential man of the Cincinnati offense and also a four-time AFC separation, personal, instance passing champion. Cincinnati winner its 2nd AFC central championship in 1973 and also a wild-card berth in the 1975 playoffs in Brown"s final year as coach. The Bengals let go the playoffs for the next 5 seasons but won large in 1981, the year the Bengals unveiled their brand-new uniforms through tiger-striped helmets, jerseys and also pants. Cincinnati, with Forrest Gregg as coach, won the AFC main with a 12-4 record and also defeated san Diego 27-7 in the AFC championship game. However, they lost the Super key XVI showdown through the mountain Francisco 49ers, 26-21.

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The Bengals had actually a 2nd shot at the supervisor Bowl following the 1988 season when, under Coach Sam Wyche and quarterback Boomer Esiason, they improved from the dismal 4-12 record in 1987 come a 12-4 regular-season record. They then beat Buffalo 21-10 because that the AFC championship. Yet in Super key XXIII, they shed 20-16 to the 49ers ~ above a last-minute touchdown happen by Joe Montana. In enhancement to Anderson and also Esiason, the Bengals have been able come boast of plenty of outstanding players because their an initial game in 1968. None, however, was more outstanding 보다 tackle Anthony Muñoz, a first-round draft pick in 1981. A perennial all-pro choice, the USC graduate was selected to play in 11 directly Pro Bowls indigenous 1982 come 1992 and also was inducted right into the pro Football hall of call in 1998.