With a 21–3 halftime lead, the Falcons to be on track versus the Patriots ~ above Sunday to success the very first title in franchise history. Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones and also a strong defenbuzzpatterson.comve effort including a pick-buzzpatterson.comx that Tom Brady offered Atlanta a major lead going into the break.

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Atlanta last appeared in the 1999 Super bowl (XXXIII) after ~ winning the NFC throughout the 1998 season. There, they lost to the Denver Broncos and also John Elway, 34–19.

Super bowl LI is just the 2nd appearance in team history for the Falcons.

Austin Riley"s Walk-off provides Braves 1–0 Lead over Dodgers

The 3rd baseman"s walk-off solitary gave second baseman Ozzie Albies room come run home in the bottom of the ninth.


This Is Georgia"s opportunity to success the large One

The Bulldogs" title dryness stretches 41 years, but behind a nasty defense, it"s their championship to shed in 2021.


Red Sox"s 2 Grand Slams Secures game 2 win Over Astros

J.D. Martinez and Rafael Devers led Boston come a 8–0 command after buzzpatterson.commply two innings in video game 2 of the American league Championship collection at Minute Maid Park.


Purdue"s Greg Long offers New meaning to "Hold my Beer"

A pan tossed a have the right to of Bud light onto the field during the third quarter together Purdue powered to ultimately dismantle No. 2 Iowa.

Kentucky Scores late TD for Ultimate Backdoor Cover

Mark Stoops referred to as a timeout v seven secs to walk on third-and-goal, and also the Wildcats to be able to convert for a touchdown to cover the 21.5-point spread.

Purdue Shuts under No. 2 Iowa in roadway Upset

The victory at Kinnick adds an additional historic victory for the Boilermakers, who handed the Hawkeyes their first loss that 2021.

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UConn defeats Yale, Earns an initial Victory in 721 Days

The Huskies snapped an 11-game lobuzzpatterson.comng streak and ended the second-longest period without a victory in the nation.

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