When the Seattle Seahawks took the ar for the first time in the 1976 season, it significant the culmination of a pursuit for a national Football league franchise that had actually its root in the Pacific Northwest metropolis as at an early stage as 1957. The is once discussion an initial began around the possibilities of constructing a domed stadium that would certainly assure a major league sports franchise for the city. On June 4, 1974, the NFL awarded its 28th franchise come Seattle come play in the 64,984-seat Kingdome.

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A civic suggestion project netted 20,365 entries and also 1,741 various names, yet "Seahawks" to be selected and also announced top top June 17, 1975. Just a little more than 2 months later, after ~ a 27-day sale, the season ticket campaign was closeup of the door off v 59,000 ticket sold.

On January 3, 1976, Jack Patera, who had actually been a Minnesota assistant coach, was named the team"s an initial head coach. The Seahawks perfect 2-12 in 1976, once they play in the NFC, and 5-9 in 1977, once they moved right into the AFC. The Seahawks had winning 9-7 documents in both 1978 and 1979 and also Patera was called NFL Coach the the Year the 2nd year.

The strike-shortened 1982 season showed to it is in a transitional year for every one of pro football, but no society fit the transitional description far better than the Seahawks. Patera was eliminated after six-plus years as head coach. Mike McCormack perfect the season together interim head coach and also then was replaced in 1983 by chuck Knox, that guided the Seahawks come an 83-67-0 record in nine seasons up v the 1991 campaign.

Knox led the Seahawks to the AFC championship game his an initial season. Seattle winner an AFC West wild-card berth for the first time in that is eight-year background and climate knocked turn off Denver and Miami before losing come the Los Angeles Raiders 30-14 in the title game.Once again in 1984, Knox guided the Seahawks come the playoffs v a 12-4 season. Seattle"s success come without ace running back Curt Warner, that led the AFC in rushing together a rookie in 1983 through 1,449 yards. Warner was hurt in the an initial game and missed the remainder of the season. Knox led Seattle ago to the playoffs in 1987 and also to the team"s just AFC Western division championship in 1988. That year, they lost to the ultimate AFC champion, the Cincinnati Bengals, in the very first playoff round.

The biggest individual star in Seahawks history, vast receiver Steve Largent, retirement after the 1989 season together the NFL"s all-time leading receiver. At the moment of his retirement, Largent held six all-time NFL receiving records. In 1995 he came to be the an initial Seahawk come be elected to the hall of Fame.

During the 1988 season, Ken Behring purchased the majority ownership that the society from the Nordstrom family. ~ above February 11, 1989, he named previous Los Angeles Raiders head coach Tom Flores as the team"s brand-new president and general manager. Three years later on in January 1992, Flores was called the Seahawks brand-new head coach. In nine periods as the Raiders" head man, Flores compiled a 91-56-0 record with to win in supervisor Bowls XV and XVIII. In 1995 Flores was replaced by Dennis Erickson, the highly-successful college of Miami coach.

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The future that the Seahawks in the Pacific Northwest was secured ~ Paul Allen purchase the team in 1997 and also two years later on hired Mike Holmgren together their head coach. In 2005, the Seahawks winner the NFC West through a 13-3 record and also claimed the NFC championship to earn their first-ever Super key berth. Success ongoing when Pete Carroll led the Seahawks to your first-ever at sight Bowl victory in Super key XLVIII.