video game recap Blues success Stanley Cup for an initial time, loss Bruins in video game 7 of final

Binnington provides 32 saves; O"Reilly, Pietrangelo, Schenn, Sanford score

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BOS, Gm7: Blues victory Stanley Cup for very first time

Cup Final, Gm7: through a 4-1 win versus the Bruins in game 7, the Blues celebrate after winning the Stanley Cup for the very first time

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St. Louis defeated the Boston Bruins 4-1 in game 7 the the Stanley Cup last at TD Garden ~ above Wednesday.

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"It doesn"t feel real," Blues facility Brayden Schenn said. "It"s certain incredible. Ns can"t also explain. That feels choose a video clip game we"re in. It"s what you dream of together a kid, posing through the Stanley Cup, getting to background it. It"s a distinct group. We"re going to party hard."

Jordan Binnington make 32 saves; Alex Pietrangelo and also Ryan O"Reilly each had a goal and also an assist; and Schenn and also Zach Sanford scored for St. Louis, which gone into the in 1967-68 and had never won a Cup last game in three prior appearances (1968-70).

O"Reilly winner the Conn Smythe Trophy, vote the most an useful player the the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

"Most the these guys on i pretended ns was together a kid, and now to it is in on below with them, it"s an remarkable feeling," O"Reilly said. "I can"t think that us hung on and got this done."

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BOS, Gm7: Blues presented with Stanley Cup

Tuukka Rask do 16 saves, and also Matt Grzelcyk scored for Boston, which won game 6 that the best-of-7 series 5-1 on Sunday.

"It"s an empty feeling," Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy said. "It"s a lengthy year. Someone had actually to win and someone had to lose and we came out ~ above the wrong next of it. It"s not the means you snapshot it. It"s as basic as that."

Mike Yeo to be fired together St. Luigi coach and replaced by Craig Berube on Nov. 19, and also the Blues were last in the ~ above Jan. 3. They room the first team to win the Stanley Cup after being critical in the standings at least 30 gamings into a season.

St. Louis beat the Winnipeg jet in six games in the western Conference first Round, the Dallas Stars in seven gamings in the 2nd round, and the san Jose Sharks in six gamings in the conference final.

"It had to it is in this way, man," Binnington said. "It was an tremendous year and also I can"t believe where we"re at. It"s awesome."

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BOS, Gm7: Binnington sprawls to plunder Nordstrom

Rask allowed more than three objectives in a game for the first time since Game 4 of the east Conference an initial Round against the Toronto Maple Leafs on April 17, ending a streak the 19 games allowing three or fewer. He allowed two purposes on 4 shots in the first period.

"It to be a nightmare for me, obviously," Rask said. "Barely didn"t make a save in the first. And you recognize we tried come create, us had an excellent chances, and also made the saves as soon as they needed."

O"Reilly provided the Blues a 1-0 lead at 16:47 of the an initial period, scoring from between the hash marks on a deflection of Jay Bouwmeester"s shot native the point. He became the an initial player come score in 4 straight Cup final games due to the fact that Wayne Gretzky did so v the Edmonton Oilers in 1985.

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O"Reilly was the leading scorer that the Cup final with nine points (five goals, four assists) and also finished tied for the most points in the playoffs with 23 (eight goals, 15 points) v Bruins front Brad Marchand (nine goals, 14 assists).

"Put the team top top his back," Schenn claimed of O"Reilly. "He obviously thought we can do it. Us all thought we can do it. That led the way."

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BOS, Gm7: O"Reilly advice in opened goal

Pietrangelo made that 2-0 through eight seconds left in the first. He scored on a forehand-backhand deke v a shot over Rask"s blocker from the slot.

The Bruins outshot the Blues 12-4 in the an initial period and also 23-10 v two periods yet did no score.

Binnington, that played one game three seasons back prior to Dec. 16, ended up being the very first rookie goalie to victory 16 games in a single postseason.

"He was impressive tonight," Berube said. "I believed it to be his ideal game that the series."

Video: #ThirstForTheCup: Blues win first Stanley Cup title

Schenn made that 3-0 at 11:25 of the third period, scoring ~ above a one-timer turn off a pass from Vladimir Tarasenko. Sanford extended the lead to 4-0 at 15:22.

Grzelcyk ended Binnington"s shutout with 2:10 remaining to make it 4-1.

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"We did it, we did it," Blues forward Pat Maroon said. "I mean, there"s nothing else. Us put every little thing on the heat from Jan. 3 on and we deserve this. What a way to complete it."

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BOS, Gm7: Pietrangelo beats Rask late in 1st

They stated it

"We knew it to be there, us knew we had actually the pieces, but it was so educational for myself to see how hard it is and also how difficult you have to work and also how even-keel you have to be to save coming every day and just save punching in ~ it. That was always there that we deserve to do it, however to actually perform it, it"s exhausting. I"m exhausted." -- Blues front Ryan O"Reilly

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BOS, Gm7: O"Reilly receive Conn Smythe Trophy

"We assumed we were going to do it. We had that id we have actually all year. We"ve done it many of times. The takes one goal to acquire going and also swing that momentum, and also we simply didn"t gain that one beforehand enough. We thought that we"d be able to come back, but obviously we didn"t." -- Bruins front Brad Marchand

Need come know

The road team won five games in the Cup last for the 4th time (1945, Toronto Maple Leafs and also Detroit Red Wings; 1966, Montreal Canadiens and Red Wings; 2000, brand-new Jersey Devils and Dallas Stars). ... The Blues finished 10-3 on the road in the playoffs, including 3-1 in the Cup Final. They are the seventh team in history, very first since 2000, to win 3 road gamings in the Cup last (1921 Ottawa Senators, 1928 brand-new York Rangers, 1945 Maple Leafs, 1966 Canadiens, 1990 Edmonton Oilers, 2000 Devils). All 7 won the Stanley Cup. ... St. Louis tied the document for most road wins in a single postseason (1995 Devils, 2000 Devils, 2004 Calgary Flames, 2012 Los Angeles Kings, 2018 Washington Capitals). ... The Blues are the fourth team in the contemporary era (since 1943-44), very first in 30 years, to win the Cup there is no a vault Cup winner top top the roster (1974 Philadelphia Flyers, 1980 new York Islanders, 1989 Flames). ... St. Luigi was brushed up in the Cup last by the Montreal Canadiens twice and also the Bruins. ... Boston has actually lost the Cup last 14 times, most of any type of team.

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BOS, Gm7: Pietrangelo discusses Cup final victory

What"s next

Season complete

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