The video clip for Creedence"s 1971 solitary pays tribute to "nostalgia, friendship and also adventure"


Craft Recordings have actually released the 2nd of two movies to commemorate Creedence Clearwater Revival"s 50th anniversary.

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Following the start of the first ever video for Fortunate Son in June, the label have released a clip that offers a brand-new spin on the classic Have You ever before Seen The Rain.

"Have You ever Seen The Rain conveys a wholly various dimension of Creedence Clearwater Revival"s enduring relevance different from national politics or American traditions, something much more personal and eternallyyouthful," speak the film"s makers."Filmed in "Big skies Country" Montana, the project pays tribute come nostalgia, friendship and adventure."

"I knew I want to call a coming-of-age story," says director Laurence Jacobs. "Something distinctly genuine that encapsulated identity. Not teenage years, however specifically your beforehand 20s once you"re quiet growing and also trying to end up being someone." The an outcome is a story that catches early adulthood"s wild rush of nostalgia and freedom, combined with heartbreak and also melancholy-emotions of i m sorry the song is emblematic.

"My writing companion and also I arisen this story around three finest friends hanging in Montana until one of them moves away. The totality experience was so meaningful. Our crew poured so much love right into this thing, and we worked with wonderful Montanans who simply opened their doors and also wanted to it is in a part of the experience."

The video clip launch coincides with the release of Creedence Clearwater Revival"s The Studio Albums repertoire (Half-Speed Masters), a box collection due to be exit in The UK this Friday.

The seven disc set contains every of the band"s seven studio albums. Every title has actually been master at half-speed at Abbey road Studios and comes covering in a tip-on sleeve. The package is completed by one 80-page book featuring photos from the Creedence archive, reproductions of band ephemera, and new sleeve notes from journalist Roy Trakin.


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