Vaccinated U.S. Travelers have the right to now skip the pretravel test when heading come Hawai‘i.

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As that July 8, fully vaccinated out-of-state travelers execute not must take a pretravel COVID test and are not compelled to quarantine.


Best Hawaiian archipelago for various Kinds that Travelers

Travelers come Hawai‘i should fill the end the online health and wellness application top top the state’s for sure Travels website at least 24 hours prior to departure, and once the form is complete they will get a QR code via email. They deserve to then scan the QR code from your mobile machine or from a printed-out version at the airport upon arrival.

Hawai‘i’s inoculation exemption program

Domestic travelers can participate in Hawai‘i’s vaccination exception program starting on the 15th day after their second dose that the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or top top the 15th work after their single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Vaccinated Hawai‘i-bound travelers will must upload their vaccination certificate to Hawai‘i’s for sure Travels portal. Castle should also bring a difficult copy of their vaccination documentation to present upon boarding and also on arrival in Hawai‘i. The papers will be compared with photo identification for verification. The vaccination site or location that administered the shots must be within the United claims or that territories.

Hawai‘i will likewise accept digital vaccine certificate from Clear and CommonPass.

To use Clear, simply download the complimentary Clear cell phone app, whereby you can access the health Pass feature, which enables users come upload their vaccine certification information. Friend can attach to the Clear health and wellness Pass through the Hawai‘i safe Travels website. California residents can access their COVID-19 vaccination directly through the Clear app using California’s Immunization Registry, which will certainly generate a unique QR code. Airline and also airport staff will scan the QR code either upon exit and/or come to ensure that the entry requirements have actually been met.

Similarly, travelers have the right to download the CommonPass app, go into the invitation code “HAWAII,” and also then pick the Hawai‘i travel option. The CommonPass application also enables users come scan or income a SMART health card QR code for vaccination status—it go not, however, expropriate uploads the CDC-issued vaccination cards.


Those who room not fully vaccinated can still take part in Hawai‘i’s pretravel testing program to stop the otherwise mandatory 10-day quarantine. Unvaccinated out-of-state travelers (ages five and also older) getting here in Hawaii will need to provide proof of a an adverse FDA-approved nucleic acid amplification test (such together a PCR test) an outcome taken within 72 hrs of boarding—travelers must have the results with them as soon as they board. Travelers native Canada can additionally bypass the state’s obligated quarantine v a an unfavorable COVID-19 test an outcome from a rap that has actually partnered v Air Canada or WestJet.

The an adverse test result must it is in uploaded onto the state’s for sure Travels digital platform or printed out before departure, and travelers must keep a tough copy through them.

The just test results that will certainly be accepted for domestic Hawaii arrivals will certainly be those produced by one of these labs or clinics or offered by one of these airline or airports:

American family CareAmerican Samoa room of HealthAtlas GenomicsCapstone ClinicCarbon HealthCityHealth immediate CareClarity rap SolutionsColorCommonwealth healthcare CorporationCostco/AZOVADiagnostic activities Services, Inc. (DLS Guam)Discovery wellness MDGoHealth urgent CareGuam department of public Health and Social ServicesKaiser PermanenteOakland worldwide AirportOntario global AirportUC mountain Diego HealthUniversity Medical facility of southern NevadaUniversity the Washington MedicineVault HealthWalgreensWestPac LabsXpresCheck

The perform is regularly updated, therefore be sure to inspect with the Hawai‘i State department of health for the latest.

Travelers arriving from Japan, southern Korea, Taiwan, and Tahiti can additionally participate in the pretravel trial and error program.

Without the an adverse test result, passengers arriving from the end of state and the over countries will certainly be subject to a 10-day quarantine.

Requirements for global arrivals in Hawai‘i

Per U.S. Government restrictions, international nationals that have been in China, Iran, southern Africa, the europe Schengen area, Brazil, the joined Kingdom, or Ireland in the previous 14 days will be refuse entry right into Hawai‘i. U.S. Citizens and permanent inhabitants are exempt.

As of January 26, a nationwide stimulate mandated through the U.S. Centers for condition Control and also Prevention (CDC) requires worldwide arrivals to provide documentation of negative COVID-19 test outcomes procured within three days of their exit to the unified States.

Hawai‘i’s quarantine rule

The 10-day causing obligation self-quarantine still applies to those who don’t procure a an unfavorable COVID-19 test an outcome or perform not administer proof that being totally vaccinated. It consists of those getting here on exclusive planes as well as commercial aircraft.

The quarantine order calls for visitors and also residents come proceed straight to your designated quarantine ar after leave the airport, whereby they are to remain for 10 job (or because that the duration of their stay in Hawaii, whichever is shorter). For residents, the designated quarantine ar should be your home. For visitors, designated quarantine areas would be either your hotel room or vacation lodging.

During self-quarantine, residents and also visitors space not to walk to any public spaces, including pools, fitness centers, and restaurants.

All visitors and also residents getting here at Hawai‘i’s airports will be inquiry to complete a State Travel and Health form. Top top that kind they must encompass the location where they plan to remain if they are forced to quarantine. Fail to comply is taken into consideration a misdemeanor and also is punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 or up to one year of prison time, or both.

Hawai‘i’s existing COVID restrictions

The state that Hawai‘i has actually largely reopened. Every one of the state’s parks and also beaches are open up on all of the islands with some asking that visitors proceed to respect social-distancing practices.

Face masks room not forced outside but must still it is in worn indoors, and also businesses deserve to refuse entry or company to anyone not wearing a confront mask. For specifics on separation, personal, instance county constraints or regarding state and also national parks, you can reference these sites:

Where to continue to be in Hawai‘i


The retro-chic (and pet-friendly) Surfjack Hotel & Swim society in O‘ahu’s Waikiki is giving discounted prices to welcome guests back to the islands, take a dip in the pool, indulge in Hawaiian cuisine at the property’s Mahina & Sun’s restaurant, and also listen to nightly live music. High-end hotel Espacio, likewise in Waikiki, is providing 15 percent turn off of four-night stays.

The iconic tortoise Bay resort on Oʻahu’s north Shore reopened top top July 1 following a huge renovation that fully overhauled the 1,300-acre oceanfront property. The reimagined will now has 42 sleek ocean Bungalows located along the water, a brand-new adults-only pool, a revamped family pool, a reinvented lobby, and a brand-new local and also farm-focused culinary program.

The historic Mauna Kea Resort, a large Island resort that dates ago to 1965 as soon as Laurance S. Rockefeller an initial opened the property, reopened in November. The updated resort now is composed of the original Mauna Kea coast Hotel and the Westin Hapuna coast Resort.


The 4 Seasons Hawaii collection consists of five luxury properties transparent the islands, each with a distinctive vibe and also location. Wellness seekers have to head to the Sensei Lānaʻi, A 4 Seasons resort on the quiet and isolated island of Lānaʻi, while families will have actually ample choices for play and also relaxation at four Seasons will Maui at Wailea.

Hana-Maui will (formerly Travaasa Hana) ~ above Maui’s lush eastern shore recently gained a private 10-seat Cessna aircraft to help guests much more easily accessibility the remote 66-acre oceanfront property. Flights from Kahului, Kapalua, Lāna‘i, and Honolulu (that come with residential property upgrades such as a $100 spa credit) are accessible through a airplane to heaven package.


Those through their hearts collection on Kaua‘i need to head to one of our favorite will residences top top the Garden Isle. Timbers Kauai ocean Club and Residences functions two- to four-bedroom residences on 450 acres of the island’s southern shore in between Lihue and also Poʻipū. Guests have access to the pool, beach, spa, fitness center, and also oceanfront dining venues. Surrounding is Kukui‘ula, where one- to four-bedroom cottages (many v a separate guesthouse for included privacy and space) are perfect for household get-togethers in paradise. You (or a personal chef) can cook meals in your home or be offered island fare at the clubhouse and also in adjacent Poʻipū. There space pools, a spa, a fitness center, a farm, and water tasks aplenty to store everyone in the clan as busy or tranquil as lock would like to be.

And the course, for longer stays there room many great Airbnb vacation rentals transparent Hawai‘i.

This story originally appeared on in march 24, 2020, and was most recently to update on July 14, 2021, to include present information.

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