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Last Updated: October 26, 2021, in ~ 11:00 am HST

Aloha, this web page is designed come cover details around what's right now open, closed, or reopening in the near future in Hawaii. As you may know, there has been a 10-dayHawaii quarantine with several Hawaii travel restrictions because late in march 2020. Undoubtedly, countless travelers have actually eagerly been monitoring Hawaii and its procedure of reopening and also now Hawaii is be sure the mandatory 10-day quarantine policy, enabling travelers to existing proof of anegativeCOVID-19 testor proof ofvaccination to bypass quarantine instead. Please also remember the currently, this test must come from a trusted partner. Together noted, Vaccine exemptions are likewise now available to choose travelers, we've outlined an ext details on our Hawaii 'Vaccine Passports' page.Now that visitors can once again gain Hawaii's remarkable organic beauty, great open spaces, distinct experiences, and also signature hospitality, we'll cover whatever you must know around what's open, closed, and also reopening below. We've compiled a perform of all the significant Hawaii resorts, hotels, b&b's, inns, and attractions that have currently reopened or arrangement too soon, and also their reopening days when applicable.

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Hotels, B&B's, and Inn's in Hawaii →Editor's Note...

Hawaii's re-opening has actually honestly been an evolving processwith numerous changes and also ongoingupdates. We identify that this, unfortunately, causes confusion come potential travelers, and we are continuing to screen this case closely. We will provide added pertinent updates right here regularly, fromofficial sources, on this page as extr information becomes available to us. We also encourage our readers tosign upfor ours 'Hawaii travel Update' emails to get pertinent details on every one of the current developments about travel to Hawaii.

Additionally, we've produced a new page specialized to the day-by-day updates that are occurring with Hawaii's reopening process: Hawaii COVID-19 take trip News & Headlines →


Attractions, Dining, and also Entertainment

Parks, Restaurants, & more status & updatesWhat’s the present status that Hawaii attractions, tours, dining, etc.?

Hawaii Restaurants & Dining

All Hawaii restaurants are permitted to open for takeout, pick-up, and also delivery service. Hawaii restaurants are also enabled to open for at home dining, through tables positioned 6-feet apart. Appointments are compelled for indoor dining and are restricted to next of no an ext than 10 civilization per table*. Masks need to be worn at all times as soon as dining at home at restaurants, except when girlfriend are actively eating and/or drinking.

Some limitations are easing within Hawaii...Kauai ends their COVID tier system, however some constraints remain in place

Kauai County's COVID-19 tier system, put in place as Hawaii ongoing to re-open earlier this year,is no longer in effect, but restrictions remain.Kauai will continue to enforce rules on travel, masks, and gatherings, also once the state will a 70% vaccination rate.Under Kauai's new rules, huge "professional events" end 40 at home or 100 outdoors may be allowed; however, allattendees present proof of vaccination or a an unfavorable COVID check within 24 hours of attending the event.

Maui county begins to ease COVID rules on gatherings

Restrictions will soon be eased on Maui, together the Governor has approved the county's plan to review its current COVID restrictions. Mayor Mike Victorino has actually said the new rules progressive the lid on social gatherings come 10 indoors and also 25 outdoors. The new rules walk into effect on October 16, 2021.

Under the new rules, both bars and restaurants will certainly be allowed to offer alcohol again till midnight. Additionally, up to ten people can dine at a table together, and also those who room not vaccinated can show proof of a an unfavorable test to dine indoors.

Oahu in addition eases restrictions on gatherings as instances drop

As that October 13, 2021, outdoor seated venues top top Oahu, such as sports competitions and also concerts, are permitted to run at 50% volume or a preferably of 1,000 attendees, whichever is fewer. All attendees in ~ the events will be compelled to show proof of vaccination, physically street from othersand stay masks. Those functioning at the occasions must either be vaccinated or get continuous COVID-19 tests.

We're awaiting an notice from branch Ige to welcome tourists back

We mean Governor Ige to do an main announcement in the next week or two that official welcomes visitors earlier to the islands, now that COVID situations have dropped substantially in the state. Earlier in August, the Governor had actually asked travelers to delay non-essential take trip until the end of October 2021.

*In mid-September 2021, a 'vaccination pass' for restaurants, bars, gyms, etc., has actually now come to be operational top top Maui ('Safer Outside' program) and on Oahu ('Safe access Oahu' program). The full details, society gathering limits, etc can be found on ours Hawaii Vaccine Passport page.

Hawaii State & nationwide Parks

Attractions Updates

Hawaii's parks, beaches, and also trails are open for outdoor groups at this time; however, please examine with the present county rule to ensure you do not exceed the collection limits. Please likewise practice physics distancing, however facemasks are not forced outdoors any longer. Every Hawaii county parks and beaches are open up on every islands through some restrictions.

Generally speaking, many state and national parks are open up at this time. Choose Hawaii state parks and monuments statewide space open, despite emphasizing society distancing.Please visit theDepartment that Land and also Natural sources (DLNR)website for much more information.

Hawaii'snational parkson each island are additionally at different levels that reopening.National Park Service-managed parks, historical sites, and memorials in Hawaii are slowly increasing accessibility and solutions to your sites and facilities utilizing a phased approach. You re welcome visit theNational Park business (NPS)website for more information.

On august 10, 2021, branch Ige announced the in an effort to save the rise of COVID-19 situations within Hawaii, and also to mitigate the spread out of the highly infectious delta variant, the the state would certainly return to former restrictions on social gatherings. Previously, beginning July 8, 2021, outdoor gatherings of as much as 75 human being were allowed, while indoor gatherings were restricted to no more than 25 people.

Under the brand-new rules:

Social gatherings will be minimal to 10 civilization indoors and 25 outdoorsAll professional events within Hawaii must comply with all state and also county orders.

*In mid-September 2021, a 'vaccination pass' has now come to be operational because that indoor facilities on Maui ('Safer Outside' program) and also on Oahu ('Safe accessibility Oahu' program). The full details, social gathering limits, and so on can be found on our Hawaii Vaccine Passport page.

Hawaii purchase & Entertainment

Hawaiian retailers, bowling alleys, and also movie theater are enabled to open at reducedcapacity, with no an ext than 25 civilization permitted every indoor party.

Hawaii outdoor Activities

Tours & activities Updates

Different Hawaii counties have various restrictions in place. However, outdoor activities are start to re-open. Prior to booking, pleasecheck individual tour/activity company websites ~ above status, hours, and also guidelines.

Be certain to also check ours Hawaii Adventures section listed below for a list of sustainable tourism companies opened for organization in Hawaii.

Hawaii at home Activities

Hawaii's Museums, attractions, and also zoos are allowed to open at 50% capacity for indoor areas, with groups limited to no more than 10 human being permitted.

*In mid-September 2021, a 'vaccination pass' because that indoor establishments has now end up being operational on Maui ('Safer Outside' program) and also on Oahu ('Safe accessibility Oahu' program). The full details, society gathering limits, etc can be uncovered on our Hawaii Vaccine Passport page.

Hawaii Quicklink Resources

Island-Specific Notices & Alerts

Maui required contact Tracing

Effectivemid-January 2021, amandatory contact tracing requirementwent into effect for every travelers from both the mainland and interisland toMaui. All travelers to Mauimust currently downloadtheAlohaSafe AlertApp on their mobile phonesbeforedeparting because that Maui. If a traveler attempts to execute so on arrival, the will as well late and also quarantine will certainly be required. See our Hawaii Travel restrictions page and also theMaui special Noticesection for added information.

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Hotels, B&B's, and also Inn's

Accommodations Open, Closed, and also Re-opening Soon

Accommodations condition & UpdatesWhat’s the present status that Hawaii Accommodations?

The following is a perform of open and closed accommodations in Hawaii and is current, come the best of ours knowledge, together of the day found atop this entry. Please contact the property straight for more information. Us will continue to update these lists as we learn an ext about each property's plans for re-opening.

See other we've let go or need to update the standing on? shoot us an email at and also we'll make certain to update or include it come the perform below. Mahalo!


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