If you space vacationing in Hawaii and want come see an ext than one island (and you have to if time permits!), friend will probably be acquisition several short (~ hour) interisland flights between the different Hawaiian Islands. These interisland flights are quick (often less than 1 hour in the air) flights that mean at around $69 for a one-way ticket if you publication on time.

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The trick to booking one interisland trip is to discover the balance between “lost time”, in the type of a ~half a day of her vacation necessary for travel, and also the possibility to watch yet another fascinating island that Hawai’i.

Table the contents

Overviewof the 4 interisland airlines:

Table the Contents

Overviewof the 4 interisland airlines:

Tl;dr Investing 10 minutes of her time now to kind out her flights can save friend money and hours of travel time if on Hawaii.

Airlines that market interisland flights in Hawaii

There are right now four companies that sell interisland flights within the state the Hawai’i:

Three other companies have actually recently discontinued your interisland flights: Island Air (2017), Go! Airlines (2014) and also Aloha Airlines (2008).

You have the right to buy your tickets directly on the websites of these airline or through comparison web page such together travelocity or expedia. There will certainly be little to no price difference in between booking directly or with an aggregator website.

1: Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian airlines (website) maintains a high level of service and has a good in-flight newspaper to store you entertained in the air and also prepare you yourself for your brand-new destination.

Good come know: COVID-19 related details on the Hawaiian airlines website.

Hawaiian airline interisland flights route map

Hawaiian Airlines has the best interisland flight coverage of all airlines disputed here and also offers straight flights between almost all Hawaiian islands. They execute so in cooperation with empire Airlines native Idaho as the “‘Ohana by Hawaiian passenger service” (update: Hawaiian Airlines will temporarily suspend ‘Ohana by Hawaiian passenger and also cargo services efficient Nov. 1 2020, read an ext here).

For the large Island, Hawaiian airlines offers straight flights to:

Hawaiian Airlines also offers many flights come Hawaii both native the mainland and also from international destinations in Asia and also Australia.


Hawaiian airlines offers direct flights between practically all archipelago in participation with empire Airlines (from Idaho) together “Ohana by Hawaiian”. Map retrieved native the Hawaiian airlines website in January 2019.

Hawaiian miles and also other airline regular flyer programs

The constant flyer commitment program of Hawaiian airline is referred to as “Hawaiian Miles”. However, flying with Hawaiian airline can likewise earn you credit for other constant flyer programs, and also miles from other programs have the right to sometimes be used to to buy flights activate by Hawaiian Airlines.

These frequent flyer programs include Delta SkyMiles, American Airlines’ AAdvantage, the all Nippon airways (ANA) Milage club, unified Airlines Milage Plus, and many various other programs.

Read the complete list of participating airline programs and also the rule on exactly how to earn and also redeem miles while flying with Hawaiian airline here.

Hawaiian airline “Neighbor Island take trip Plan”

Hawaiian airlines sells so-called “travel plans”. This is a yearly program obtainable only to holders of a HawaiianMiles account. V this regimen you deserve to buy a set number of direct interisland flights to surrounding islands because that a lessened price.

Every travel setup is personal, which method you cannot use it come buy a ticket for somebody else. Over there are 4 programs available: two consisting of 4 or 8 round-trip interisland flights, and two consisting of 24 or 60 one-way flights.

More info on the Hawaiian airlines interisland take trip plan.

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2: Mokulele

Mokulele (website) is the lowest fare airline, but because the distances between the islands room small, price differences never obtain that noticeable.