"After the Thrones" has actually been rebranded together "Talk the Thrones" in its relocate from the premium cabler"s digital platform to the social media website where it will certainly stream live every week.

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Bill Simmons’ Game of Thrones aftershow is top top the move.

Following one season on HBO’s digital platforms, After the Thronesis being rebranded together Talk the Thrones and also moving come stream live ~ above Twitter and also Periscope following each illustration of the premium cabler’s fantasy drama.

The Ringer‘sAndy Greenwald and Chris Ryan will stay on board as hosts that theweekly recap talk display that aired on HBO Go, HBO Now and HBO on Demand. Each rate will proceed to contextualize events that happen in the mythology-heavy series based on George R.R. Martin’s publication series. The duo, that share the Ringer podcastThe Watch, previously hostedThrones recap podcastWatch the ThronesforGrantland.


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The relocate to Twitter and Periscope comes as a organic progression because that the series and together Game that Thronesranked together the most debated TV collection on Twitter last year. That was additionally one the the top 10 hashtags of the previous year, overall. HBO, i m sorry canceled the show, is no longer connected in any kind of capacity.

Talk the Thrones is just one of multiple means Simmons’ The Ringer will cover the collection as it enters its saturday season. The company has Binge Mode, a podcast collection with an ext than 60 discussions extending each illustration that has actually aired; The Watch, two podcasts per week v Greenwald and also Ryan discussing the brand-new season; MaesterLive, a on facebook Live chat with The Ringer‘s Jason Concepcion every week; and via recaps onTheRinger.com.

“We love Game the Thrones and we love the way Twitter is thinking about content best now, so we jumped at the chance to blow out our Thrones show into an interactive multimedia experience — something that reacts immediately to what just happened, almost like a postgame present in sports,” Simmons said. “Nobody is equipped to do that far better than Twitter. It’s the natural evolution of what us had currently established v Chris, Andy, Mallory and also Jason.”

Added Twitter chief operating officer and chief gaue won officer Anthony Noto:“Talk the Thrones bring the witty banter and also real-time evaluation you uncover on Twitter come a live present with hosts that keep it engaging fine after the TV present ends. The Ringer continues to create unique live shows about some that the most-discussed entertainment and sports topics on Twitter.”

The news complies with HBO’s decision to cancel Simmons’ weekly HBO talk present Any given Wednesday after a little an ext than four months top top the air. The last illustration aired Nov. 9. Simmons, meanwhile, signed a huge deal with HBO in July 2015 and is busy prepping his following project because that the cabler: a feature-length documentary around the life and also career the WWE legend Andre the Giant.

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Game the Thrones, meanwhile, continues its march towards its endgame with two abbreviated seasons remaining as HBO is mulling lot of scripts because that a potential offshoot to proceed its most watched franchise.