Beyoncé pan sought the identification of "Becky v the an excellent hair," the mistress of featured on "Lemonade" album.

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Left: Rachel Roy attends world Of children Award 2016 Alumni Honors in ~ Montage Beverly Hills on April 12 in Beverly Hills. Right: Beyonce performs during the Pepsi Super key 50 Halftime show at Levi's stadium on February 7.Getty Images

Who is 'Becky v the great hair' in Beyonce's 'Lemonade'?

April 25, 201601:23
Of the myriad talk points from Beyoncé"s surprised visual album "Lemonade," probably the most intrigue has centered around the identity of "Becky with the great hair."

Beyoncé unveiled the task Saturday night together an hourlong collection of videos top top HBO. Instantly after, the music was easily accessible exclusively on Tidal, the music streaming organization owned by her husband, Jay Z.

"Lemonade"s" themes face racial tension, gender politics and also the personal hurt the infidelity. Top top the latter, the lyrics information the journey of a woman whose partner has cheated on her — transitioning with suspicion, anger and also finally resolution.

It"s unclear even if it is Beyoncé is to sing autobiographically or assuming the voice of a fictional character however in one heat she says: "He just want me when I"m no on over there / He much better call Becky v the great hair."

Hours ~ "Lemonade"s" release, fashion designer Rachel Roy, the ex-wife that Jay Z"s previous friend and business partner, Damon Dash, posted a message on Instagram that numerous took together a referral to Beyoncé"s lyrics.

"Good hair don"t care, however we will take an excellent lighting, for selfies, or self truths always," the short article said, follow to a screenshot take away by the day-to-day Beast prior to Roy"s account to be made private following a torrent that abuse.

Yes, Rachel Roy simply outed herself together Beyonce"s cheating nemesis, Becky, in #LEMONADE

— The day-to-day Beast (

Many Beyoncé fans angrily post to Roy"s social media accounts utilizing bee and also lemon emojis. On Monday, Roy"s Wikipedia was also provided as being "semi-protected … due to vandalism" until Tuesday.

After Roy"s Instagram account to be made private, she tweeted what appeared to be a an answer to the vitriol.

I respect love, marriages, families and also strength. What shouldn"t it is in tolerated through anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind of kind.

— Rachel Roy (

And — due to the fact that the web can constantly be trusted to calamitously misdirect its rage — several of the outraged decided to foist their ire top top TV food preparation personality Rachel Ray.

Whether "Lemonade" was autobiographical or not, rumors have swirled approximately Beyoncé and also Jay Z"s marital relationship over the past couple of years, sustained in no small part by an event at at brand-new York"s conventional Hotel in might 2014.

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Beyoncé"s sister, Solange Knowles, to be filmed attacking Jay Z in one elevator complying with the metropolitan Museum of art Gala. Most notable to be Beyoncé stand by, seemingly doing tiny to assist her husband.