Hi all. Sorry if the lot of details in this post is uneccessary; believed the story behind this can make the situation easier to judge. So below it is...

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Met who a couple of months back. That came ago to mine and he continued to be over. We didn"t have actually sex yet we both wanted to. He pipeline then sends out a blog post saying he"s getting ago with his ex (I thought that to be bull and also that he probably wasn"t single), and can we store that night in between us. I simply said ok and was polite.


I then obtain a post a month later saying the didn"t get ago with her and also that that couldn"t prevent thinking about me (I suspect he expected he couldn"t protect against thinking around the sex us didn"t have actually that night and also wanted that). I did too, so us met up again, and also this time we did sleep together. We likewise got on really well, and he inquiry if I"d prefer to go out on a day with him sometime soon, and I claimed yes. However, the didn"t happen and also he just asked if i would like to watch a movie at mine again. We had actually fun the critical time, for this reason I said yes.


After the night, I obtained a post a few days later saying that he was getting ago with her now. It type of annoyed me, as I felt choose either he knew the all along, or the he was still through her once he was conference up v me. Also, i don"t choose being messed roughly (which I"m sure is the exact same for most people). So i didn"t reply to the message. He message me again the next day, and I ignored the one too. He climate messaged again the following day, and also I simply sent a polite answer which basically claimed "ok". But then he replies saying the she isn"t getting earlier in touch v him and asked if I"d prefer to fulfill up again! (Second finest or what

). Ns obviously stated no, but I claimed it in a pretty way. Anyway, simply after that, he blocked me.


I don"t really treatment as i don"t know hom that well. However this isn"t the first time I"ve been blocked by who I"ve said no to, so i guess I"m just curious as to why someone would block you when you speak no? ns obviously wasn"t going to post them together I was the one who claimed no.

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Simply don"t gain it. For this reason yeah, any type of ideas would be great, many thanks