Nadjari wrote in his letter, "If you read around the points we did, you"ll say, ‘How could anyone execute that, burn their fellow Jews?’"


Wikimedia CommonsSonderkommandos burning bodies in the end fire pits in ~ Auschwitz–Birkenau, 1944.

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However, he chose to continue to be alive for the prospect of it spreads widespread vengeance on the Nazis writing, “I wanted to live to avenge the fatality of Papa and Mama, and that of mine beloved little sister, Nelli.”

Nadjari to be a Greek Jew who was deported to and also assigned to work as a member that the Sonderkommando Auschwitz in April 1944, after ~ Germany invaded Greece.

While at Auschwitz, he to be one of five Sonderkommandos who wrote and also buried letters detailing your time there.

He endured Auschwitz, the only of the 5 who wrote letters to perform so, and immigrated come the united state in 1951 wherein he functioned as a keep going in new York City until his death at period 54 in 1971.

Nadjari wrote around his endure in the Holocaust in a memoir published in 1947, where he made no mention of his buried letter.

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Now, v the capacity to check out this letter, we have a higher understanding that the anguish of the civilization at Auschwitz-Birkenau and, hopefully, a greater inclination to prevent the repetition of this horrifying history.

Next, accomplish the male who voluntarily gone into Auschwitz to an initial expose the horrors come the world. Then, learn about the newly-uncovered diaries that reveal cannibalism in Leningrad.