It"s been practically 12 hours due to the fact that Miley Cyrus"s EP She Is coming was released, and also fans have had some time to process its seven tracks. While most of the songs focus on Cyrus"s very own identity and lifestyle, some believe that she husband Liam Hemsworth influenced the last tune on the EP, "The Most."

Cyrus told Vanity fair earlier this year that she wrote many of she album before she shed her and Hemsworth"s house in the Woolsey Fire—and by extension, before they obtained married. "When world hear mine music castle hear a fragment of time, something i feel or felt appropriate then," she said. "By the moment it gets to your ears I may have grown previous it, but I to be truest to who I am at that very second."

Given that context, here are the text of the song, via Genius, and also how fans room interpreting them come be around Hemsworth.

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Yeah, yeah, yeahYeah, yeah, yeahYeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 1

This winter was together cold as you and II understand you"re home, hope I"m alrightHow many times have actually I left you in the deep?I don"t understand why girlfriend still believe in me

Cyrus and also Hemsworth have spent the last 10 years together, although they weren"t date for every one of that time. The 2 got involved in 2012, and also ultimately split in 2013. That wasn"t until January 2016 the they began dating and also ultimately got engaged again. They gained married in December 2019.

If Cyrus wrote this song before she shed her residence in the Woolsey Fire, it could reflect their partnership at that time. The 2 would both occasionally be personal for work-related assignments and doing their own thing. In august 2018, TMZ reported that the two had actually no to plan to ever get married. "Their engagement back in October 2016 was a symbol of commitment, yet it was sufficient of a symbol for them," one source said in ~ the time. "Miley has actually actually said she doesn"t want to gain married, regardless of the engagement. She doesn"t think it provides a connection better."

But if she wrote it after the fire, the lyrics might take on a different meaning. The Woolsey Fire happened at the end of fall—back in November 2018—and the two lost their Malibu home. "The winter was together cold as you and I..." could refer to that literal recovery duration as the couple coped v the ns of your home. And the lyric "I know you"re home, hope I"m alright" could be a nod to wherein they were when the fire happened. Hemsworth to be literally in Malibu throughout the fire and also saved all the couple"s animals. Cyrus, meanwhile, to be away in southern Africa, filming she upcoming illustration of Black Mirror.


Oh, and also even in mine darkest days, also in my shortest placeYou love me the most

Cyrus speak to Vanity Fair around how the Woolsey Fire carried the 2 closer than ever before before. “When you endure what we experienced together with someone, that is like glue,” she said. "You’re the just two civilization in the people who have the right to understand.”

It is additionally what led them to get married. "What Liam and also I went v together readjusted us. I’m not certain without losing Malibu, us would’ve been prepared to take this step or ever even gotten married, who have the right to say?" she said. "But the timing felt right and also I go with my heart. Nobody is promised the next day, or the next, so I try to be "in the now" as much as possible."

And also when ns can"t stay, even when I operation awayYou love me the mostSo why do I hurt girlfriend so? Is it "cause ns know?Why execute I hurt you so? Is that "cause girlfriend love me the most?

Cyrus can be reflecting below on the two-plus year the pair spent apart ("even when I can"t stay, even when I run away") and their procedure of rebuilding their relationship and also trust when they got ago together. Cyrus and Hemsworth both previously spoke around why your breakup was necessary.

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Cyrus called Billboard in 2017 the after your 2013 breakup, "I needed to readjust so much ," she said. "And an altering with someone rather not changing like the is also hard. All of sudden you"re like, "I don"t identify you anymore." We had actually to refall because that each other."

Hemsworth make the same suggest in his GQ Australia may 2016 interview. "At the time we were going in different directions and it"s just what essential to happen," the said. "We to be both supervisor young and it was a great decision at the time—we both necessary that."


Yeah, yeah, yeah, the mostYeah, yeah, yeahIs the "cause ns know? Is it "cause you love me the most?Yeah, yeah, yeah, the mostYeah, yeah, yeahIs that "cause ns know? Yeah

Verse 2

Your tender touch is the healing that ns seekI involved you when my judgement becomes weakAll the you are is every I ever before needI don"t understand why you still believe in me

Cyrus has written around how much of a distinction Hemsworth has made in her life. She common a heartfelt birthday tribute come him, listing every the reasons she loves him. Amongst them, she described how she looks come him as a resource of strength: "The watch on your confront when you receive an excbuzzpatterson.comnt news and how friend look at the negative news. Ns love just how you always shot things her way, yet are never ever to proud come ask because that help. (Yes, I’ve noticed and taken note, I’m a work in progress)." and she likewise highlighted just how he is a support mechanism to her: "I love the way you always listen & the method that you care… (Even once it’s around RuPaul’s drag Race.)"

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