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If he were to punch you in the face, you’d have to fight turn off the advice to give thanks to him.

Sharks have a week dedicated to him. That is, the most interesting man in the world. — Dos Equis ad, 2010

You don’t always forget the name of one actor, yet when girlfriend do, that Jonathan Goldsmith.

You no alone. The is among the most known actors for whom world don’t understand the really name.

Long before his mythical character paraded across Dos Equis ads, surrounding by adoring young women, sipping on a beer, and also seemingly ~ above the verge of a threesome, and before his likeness was commemorated through numerous memes…



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…Jonathan Goldsmith began a life the would come to be quite interesting.

He was born in brand-new York City in 1938. He took an early interest in theater and studied improvisational acting and comedy because that years. After ~ graduating indigenous Boston University, he moved to Hollywood where he struggled through his mid-20s. He functioned a collection of poor jobs to do ends meet. He was in construction and also even operated as a garbage man.

In fact, he frequently drove his garbage truck to auditions, transforming into a fit or tuxedo right there in the parking lot, together he took up five spots.

Initially, he landing one-off clues in famous shows, consisting of standing alongside an oil up william Shatner in a “Star Trek” episode.



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He eventually escaped menial jobs by landing recurring roles in western films.

He said a reasonably substantial lie to get his an initial job. The producer request if that knew how to journey a horse and he said, “Like the wind, without breaking a stride.”

It worked. Unfortunately, his first time talk a equine happened right there ~ above the set. The horse automatically sensed the he had no idea what he was doing and freaked the end on camera. After ~ a chaotic few moments, anyone ran to aid him, and also the producer then said, “‘Like the wind, huh?”

They functioned it out and moved forward. His work in construction and also delivering trash were over.

Goldsmith appeared in a slew of renowned Westerns together the likes the Clint Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman, and also John Wayne. His appearances read prefer an episode of “1,000 ways to Die.” His on-screen deaths included electrocution, gunshots (many times), and a glorious public hanging.


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His personality was even killed by man Wayne during Wayne’s last film, “The Shootist.” The death scene required shooting Goldsmith between the eyes with a blood pellet (that hurt). Unfortunately, Wayne to be older and also off of his game, requiring castle to perform seven retakes.

However, his duty as a villain maintained the paychecks coming because that decades. He appeared in an ext than 350 different films. And he ultimately got quite great at riding a horse:

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One the his funnier blunders developed early in his career. He to be starring in a Broadway display alongside a young Dustin Hoffman. They no get in addition to each other and also often said during rehearsals. In his memoir, Goldsmith recalled when they practically fist combated backstage. It finished with that shouting at Hoffman, “You’re just mad the I’m going to make it, and you aren’t!” he openly admits to eat those words.

His exhilaration career eventually fizzled. He entered the organization world before retiring in 1998. Then, after ~ going v a bitterness divorce, he lived on a sailboat and also traveled up and also down the eastern Coast.

By 2006, he needed money and also missed acting. He got a new agent. She referred to as him to comment on a feasible role in a commercial campaign. The audition would be improvisational and also required he finish with the line, “And that’s just how I arm-wrestled Fidel Castro.” The character to be to it is in an over-the-top Ernest Hemmingway type.

He showed up in ~ the audition to see numerous men in line, wrapped approximately the building. Most of them were young, handsome Latinos (Dos Equis is, ~ all, a Latin beer). Jon had actually grown increase Jewish however had spent his previous years cruising with a charming Latin friend. Additionally, unequal his handsome contemporaries, he had actually a life time of acting and also practiced improvisational skills.

He channeled his friend’s thick accent and, because that 30 minutes, made the room of producer laugh. His agent acquired the contact a mainly later.

However, the directors stated they loved Goldsmith but he was as well old. His agent then pushed back during the call, “How deserve to the most exciting man in the human being be young?”

They told her they’d speak to her back.

A main later, it was a much much better phone call that come in.

Fifty year after his lengthy grind together an gibbs began, he was immortalized as an proclaiming legend.

His role in the Dos Equis ads tripled beer sales. That pocketed millions throughout his decade as your spokesman. He later on married the agent that landed that the role.

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No, Jonathan Goldsmith can’t “speak French, in Russian” or healing narcolepsy simply by walking right into a room. However he has lived a really rich and also interesting life. He once saved a mrs from drowning. He is dated Judy Garland. He’s escorted miss America to the Oscars. And also he’s died every which method but up in dozens of west films.