Senate developments Becerra nomination for HHS secretary

Though Democrats have long expressed confidence the Becerra would gain through, that took until Thursday morning for Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to announce he would ago the nominee.

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Xavier Becerra, nominee for Secretary the Health and also Human Services, answers questions during his check hearing before the Senate Finance Committee top top Capitol Hill top top February 24, 2021 in Washington, DC. | Greg Nash, Pool/Getty Images

A split Senate on Thursday progressed Xavier Becerra"s nomination to command the department of Health and also Human solutions after Maine Republican Susan Collins joined every one of the chamber"s democracy in backing a check vote.

Senate bulk Leader lining Schumer filed a discharge petition to carry up the nomination ~ the Senate Finance Committee separation along party currently on the nomination last week, producing an extra procedural hurdle. The vote on hold a confirmation vote was 51-48.

Though Democrats have actually long express confidence the Becerra would acquire through, it took until Thursday morning for Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to announce the would ago the nominee. Quickly after, Collins announced she support.

Both centrists cited Becerra"s appointment to job-related on rural health issues.

Becerra, the California lawyer general, has actually come under fire from Republicans because that his document on abortion rights and also past support for "Medicare because that All." Manchin claimed he had talked with Becerra around the nominee"s pledge come “uphold the legislation in regards to the Hyde Amendment” — the longstanding ban on federal resources for abortion the Biden and also other Democrats want to abolish.

Collins claimed she looked forward to working through Becerra on "shared goals" including lowering the price that prescription drugs and an increasing domestic drug production to minimize reliance on an international supply chains.

Democrats have warned the delays top top confirming Becerra would hamper the country’s pandemic response.

Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) stated the GOP"s opposition to be rooted in the party"s hostility toward the Affordable treatment Act, which Becerra aided draft together a home member and also defended in court as California"s lawyer general.

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Republican leader Mitch McConnell referred to as Becerra “a completely partisan actor” and also urged the his nomination it is in voted down.