This can not sound like that large of a deal, yet a few home-brewed cup ofcoffeein the morning followed by a latte in the afternoon is my daily caffeine M.O. I rarely go a day without any kind of sort the coffee. But over the food a few weeks, I discovered myself in multiple conversations with people about why they made the switch to tea—my mom, who said it assisted her sleep better, and also a few coworkers who had temporarily provided up coffee due to the fact that it do them feeling anxious during the day. Due to the fact that I invest a many my work poring end studies about health and also nutrition, I"m well aware of the health and wellness benefits ofgreen tea. So I decided to move from coffee to great tea because that a week and also see just how it went.

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First, ns consulted Brigitte Zeitlin, R.D., C.D.N, and also owner of BZ Nutrition, for some facts and also tips. She warned me that coffee has actually a lot much more caffeine than environment-friendly tea (about 100 milligrams in one eight-ounce cup contrasted to around 30 milligrams you"d get in green tea). However, Zeitlin added, environment-friendly tea also has one amino acid, I-theanine, that has been linked to improved alertness, i beg your pardon can help with productivity and also focus, minus the jitters. I was curious to check out if that were the case for me.

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Other services of tea she stated are its abundant antioxidants (more 보다 coffee) the can assist fight turn off inflammation and also chronic illnesses. Zeitlin likewise said the making the move won’t result in headaches indigenous caffeine withdrawal, i beg your pardon can happen from just providing up coffee altogether (thanks to that amino mountain again).

With all the in mind, it to be time to gain started. Here"s what i learned:

Brewing tea is harder than I thought it was.

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I chose to begin my experiment on a Saturday morning, reasoning that would be the easiest means to ease right into it—I wouldn’t be rushing the end the door to occupational or struggling v an afternoon without my usual coffee buzz. I made the appropriate decision ~ above both of those accounts. My first attempt, usingPure Leaf’s green Tea with Mint($5,, wasn’t for this reason hot—literally. Ns used warm water from the sink instead of boil water. And when it barely tasted like anything, ns figured the was a mistake, and I make a second attempt (this is why I’m glad ns wasn’t in a hurry to gain out the door). That 2nd round had a more powerful taste and also color 보다 the an initial round. I additionally discovered throughout the week that I prefer loose-leaf tea to sachets, due to the fact that I can customize the toughness of the flavor much more easily.