One terrific way to acquire those essential nutrients and vitamins is by eating seafood.

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Because it’s inexpensive, Tilapia is the most famous farmed fish in America.

However, health specialists are warning consumers to avoid Tilapia at every cost!


There room very couple of nutrients in Tilapia: researcher at the Wake forest University school of medication recently released a report around the omega-3 fatty acid found in well-known fish.

Tilapia score much lower than most of the various other fish top top the list. Omega-3 fatty acids are what provides fish many of your benefits, which has a threat reduction of Alzheimer’s.

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As a matter of fact, Tilapia has LOADS the omega-6 fat acids, which room horrible for you. The quantity of omega-6 in Tilapia is greater than hamburger or bacon.

Unlike many other fish, Tilapia can actually reason Alzheimer’s disease:

One of the omega-6 fatty acids found in Tilapia is dubbed arachidonic acid- and also this compound substantially increases the precise kind of inflammatory damages that comes before Alzheimer’s.

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So, although eating healthier fish such as mackerel, halibut and sardines actually reduces your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, Tilapia actually rises it!

Most of the Tilapia consumers eat is farmed: Tilapia is the second most frequently farmed fish on Earth. This is mostly because of the fish’s hardiness; they have the right to eat nearly anything, which is good for the farmer’s, but negative for consumers.

This means the farmer don’t have to spend as much money ~ above fish food as they would had they been raising salmon. It’s not uncommon for farmer to feed their fish chicken and even pig poop! The fish are also bombarded through antibiotics and also genetically altered to make them grow faster.

Tilapia could reason cancer: Tilapia might contain approximately ten time the quantity of carcinogens that various other fish contain. And also this is a direct an outcome of the food the the farmers feed the fish- poop, pesticides, and even industrial-grade chemicals.

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One such toxic chemical that researchers have discovered in the fish is dioxin, which is connected with the development and progression of cancer. What’s more, the human being body doesn’t fully flush out dioxin for a staggering 7-11 years.

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