If you discover yourself at a Dunkin Donuts and are needing the healthiest drink top top the menu, you can look because that an iced, pumpkin, vegan, coffee or non-coffee, fall, or healthy and balanced holiday drink.

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Find a drink it is not just healthy however low in calories and sugar and high in protein, vitamins, minerals and also antioxidants.

Skip the extra-large Oreo hot chocolate and also go for something healthy and much better for your body.

Find something that provides you energy, lightens your mood, and gives you that much needed choose me up.

Try this list of the healthiest drinks at Dunkin Donuts.

Healthy drink at Dunkin Donuts

Blueberry Oat Cold Brew

One of the healthiest and also best tasting coffee drink on the Dunkin Donuts menu is the blueberry oat cold brew.

This healthy drink only touts 45 calories and also 1 gram the sugar.

The coffee will provide your body with energy and also antioxidants.

If you a coffee lover, don’t forget to shot this fall and holiday drink option.

Toasted Almond Cold Brew


With even fewer calories and also sugar than the blueberry oat cold brew, the toasted almond cold brew is another an excellent coffee alternative at Dunkin Donuts.

Not only does this option have 10 calories, it’s also high in potassium and also calcium.

With a tasty flavor and an energy kick, toasted almond cold brew is just one of the healthiest options on their an extensive menu.

Hot Coffee through Coconutmilk, Oatmilk, or totality Milk

If you are not a pan of the cold brew coffee, girlfriend can always opt for a healthy and balanced hot coffee with coconutmilk, oatmilk, or whole milk.

The tool coconutmilk choice only has 15 calories.

Also touting no sugar, 234mg the potassium, and also 133mg that calcium, get your energy rise with among these tasty coffee drinks.

The history of coffee dates earlier to 850 CE. Background has it the an Ethiopian farmer noticed his goats ending up being energized after eat the coffee berries.

DID girlfriend KNOW??

Hot or Iced Latte with Coconutmilk

A good vegan drink option at Dunkin Donuts is the hot latte v coconutmilk.

A little hot latte will just run you 35 calories and 0 grams that sugar.

You will gain 2mg vitamin D, 281mg that potassium, and 379mg of calcium.

Choose this if you favor lattes over regular coffee.

Iced Coffee v Coconutmilk or Oatmilk

If you prefer your coffee iced, seize this drink alternative with coconutmilk or oatmilk ~ above your next trip come Dunkin Donuts.

With slightly an ext potassium and also calcium than your hot coffee, this quick and also delicious alternative will help energize her day.

A tiny newer to part pallets, some human being swear by the iced coffee over the warm coffee.

Hot or Iced Macchiato through Coconutmilk or Oatmilk


One of mine favorite drink on the Dunkin Donuts menu, the cappuccino with skim milk is an additional healthy drink option.

Double the espresso, gain your steamed milk and also go because that this creamy and also moderately healthy drink.

Put this along with your jelly glazed donut and also you will have actually a tasty breakfast.

Cafe Au Lait through Skim Milk

Skip the cold milk and get the warm milk choice with a coffee shop au lait at Dunkin Donuts.

Originating native France, this coffee staple might be a new one come try.

A little will only run friend 45 calories and 6 grams that sugar.

Hot Espresso

If you require a healthy drink it is quick, an easy and walk the job, shot the warm espresso drink native Dunkin Donuts.

Every oz will give you 64 mg the caffeine so be mindful on how numerous shots you decide to take.

Sip on among these an initial thing in the morning and you will certainly be an excellent to go for the day.

Bold Breakfast Black, Chamomile, Cool Mint herbal Infusion Tea


What’s healthier 보다 tea?

Packed v antioxidants and also a bold wealthy flavor, tea drinkers will pleasure in the bold breakfast black, chamomile, and cool mint natural infusion tea indigenous Dunkin Donuts.

Unsweet Iced Tea, Green, Blueberry, Raspberry

A healthy non-coffee drink in ~ Dunkin Donuts is your green, blueberry or raspberry unsweet iced tea.

Great for the fall, holidays or really any time of year, an unsweet iced tea is a refreshing and antioxidant well-off option.

Drink this and the remainder of the healthiest drink at Dunkin Donuts.

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