"Healthy Cheesecake Factory." it sounds favor an oxymoron, yet it yes, really isn"t. With a mile-long menu, there are bound to be some choices that won"t leave you with a food baby. After doing some severe research, I"ve small the menu down come 13 healthier selections you should shot next time you"re at the floor of the cheesecake.

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1. Chicken Lettuce plunder Tacos

Carbs space great. Carbs space life. But, if you"re watching her intake, here"s an alternative that doesn"t sacrifice top top the flavor. These taco are obtainable in 2 flavors: Asian and also Mexican. The eastern chicken tacos (my an individual favorite) come v bean spouts and a spicy cashew sauce, and the mexican chicken tacos room garnished through avocado and salsa. One of two people way, you"re in for a light however satisfying high-protein dish.

2. Seared Tuna Tataki Salad

Japan is recognized for being one of the healthiest nations in the world, and also some credit deserve to be offered to its dependence on skinny fish for protein and omega-threes. Tuna is just one of its key delicacies, due to the fact that it is nutrient- and also vitamin-rich. This tuna salad is basic and permits the fish and also vegetables come shine, following the values of the Japanese diet.

3. Skinnylicious Summer Shrimp Rolls

What better way come celebrate summer than to try out part summer rolls? This Vietnamese food is traditionally one appetizer, therefore it"s perfect come share with your table, back you can not desire to. The shrimp, mushrooms, rice noodles, and crunchy asparagus pair beautifully, and also dipped in a mix of spicy chili and peanut sauces, they"re addicting—and under 400 calories.

4. Lemon Garlic Shrimp

It"s difficult to think that this buttery pasta dish is part of the Skinnylicious food selection at The Cheesecake Factory, yet it is. Seared shrimp pieces are offered atop a flavorful, tart sauce, accompanied by a generous serving of point of view hair noodles. You"ll forget that you"re eat something healthy!

5. Grilled Steak Medallions

A personal favorite the mine also when I"m no trying to do #gains, the grilled steak medallions is a hearty dish the everyone at her table will lust for as soon as you order it. It features medium rarely steak through mashed potatoes (yum), mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus and also a boozy Madiera sauce. Steak, potatoes, and wine? sign me up!

6. Skinnylicious Grilled Salmon

Some days, you just want to eat something straightforward and filling. If you"re in among those moods, this grilled salmon is for you. The ingredients space straightforward: salmon, asparagus, and also carrots, through a next of tartar sauce. But because you"re eating entirety foods rather than handle ingredients, you obtain to eat a lot much more bulk for fewer calories, so you won"t be emotion hungry for a while after this meal.

7. Tuscan Chicken

Grain choices to white rice have end up being increasingly popular, and The Cheesecake factory took note with this chicken dish. It"s a grilled chicken dish with juicy tomatoes and basil, packed with flavors that will carry you to Europe.

8. Skinnylicious Turkey and Avocado Sandwich

Turkey, bacon, and avocado? It"s a match made in heaven—and, surprisingly, has some pretty good macros. It"s served with a side salad to get your greens in rather of fries, but considering exactly how packed with flavor this sandwich is, you won"t be absent them one bit.

9. Skinnylicious Soft Tacos

These taco are comparable to the chicken lettuce wraps featured earlier, but they"re a good choice if you"re desire fluffy tortillas and also different protein options. Girlfriend can obtain either shrimp or chicken to companion the corn tortillas, tomatoes, onions, beans, and cilantro (or not).

10. Asian Chicken Salad

This is the perfect having lunch dish since it"s acquired all the nutrient you should fuel you for the day and also curb her appetite till dinner. Plus, the helps that it"s obtained cool toppings choose wontons and also almonds.

11. Mexican Tortilla Salad

This salad"s acquired the flavors of an authentic mexican tortilla key without every the fat and also carbs. Chicken, beans, corn, salsa, avocado, and sour cream room tossed in a vinaigrette and topped v a few strips the a crispy corn tortilla. Mexico food never looked and tasted so ~wholesome~.

12. Anything from the "Super" Food Section

The Cheesecake factory recently come out v a "super" food menu featuring nutrient-dense ingredients prefer blueberries, kale, and also avocado. Although these dishes can not necessarily be lighter in calorie (the antioxidant salad is virtually 900 calories), it"s every fuel and also no junk, therefore you"ll feel an excellent after eating any type of of these dishes.

13. Original Cheesecake

Still have actually room because that dessert? Of course you do! You"re in ~ the Cheesecake Factory, for this reason of course you gotta get some of the cheesecake. The original cheesecake is lower in calories than the speciality flavors, however it"s quiet got around 700, so split it through a friend and bond over your love of all things Cheesecake Factory.

Though it"s clear the there are healthy choices at even "unhealthy" restaurants, I just want to leave you v this: one "treat" meal won"t make you fat or backtrack her progress. It"s perfect acceptable and healthy to indulge, as long as it"s in moderation. Therefore go the end there and order a salad in ~ the Cheesecake Factory, or even the carbonara. Just enjoy yourself and be flexible!

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Jeanne Paulino

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