Trying to remain healthy? not trying to rest your brand-new Year"s resolution? Olive Garden may be well-known for loading increase on carbs, but don"t provide up therefore fast. Inspect out these awesome options to stay healthy and balanced at your favorite Italian eatery.

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Herb-Grilled Salmon

photo courtesy the Olive Garden

This delicious dish is a perfect, well-rounded meal. Obtain your serving of protein and also Omega-3 fat acids, together with a next of broccoli for your serving the veggies. This alternative clocks in at about 460 calories. Yum.

Minestrone Soup and Side residence Salad

If you"re in the mood for a light dish, definitely try this. The minestrone soup is vegan, with only beans, pasta, and also light veggies. Gain a salad v dressing top top the side and you"re golden. Through a light dish choose this, you can afford to have actually one the those delicious bread sticks without too lot damage. 

Garlic Rosemary Chicken

Going because that a marinated chicken rather than a fried chicken is an easy means to continue to be healthy. If you desire to get even healthier, swap the mashed potatoes for a side of roasted veggies. Still, this dish is jam packed through protein. (Note: may be stop in some locations.)

Mini Spaghetti v Meat Sauce

If you"re in the mood for the standard Italian dish, make sure you order the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Mini Pasta Bowl. This offers you a smaller serving v all the very same delicious flavors. The meat provides you protein and also the pasta, which you can switch to entirety grain, will provide you the perfect serving of carbs.

Olive Garden likewise has a new lighter fare menu, which supplies even more healthy options. And, for the time you space eating dinner in, examine out this write-up so friend know just how to shop. Pasta have the right to still be healthy, for this reason don"t offer up on Olive Garden so fast. I mean, what is life there is no a little pasta. A carb-free life? end my bread body.

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