One of my long-time favorite restaurants is Red Robin. It has actually a fun atmosphere, is affordable and also their burgers are amazing! us love eating there and it’s a ar we constant a lot v friend groups, family, or for day nights. Prefer my other short articles in mine “healthy eating at…” series, I want to show that you can still make healthy choices, even when eating the end at areas we love prefer Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera, or Qdoba. Friend can find healthy meal options at Red Robin, girlfriend just have to be selective and also undistracted by the assortment that fried foods, drink specials, and also giant burgers.

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Disclaimer: I recognize that eating the end is what it is—lots the sodium, handle food, non-organic, perhaps questionable animal farming practices—my point is not to laud this at all, yet with the expertise that most Americans eat the end frequently, to aid you find some that the healthiest food choices out there at your favorite restaurants. Also, there space times once you space indulging and also treating yourself and also that’s okay too.


Get mine Healthy Restaurant Cheat Sheets through the top healthy options at every my favorite fast food and casual dining places!!

Okay, I’m walk to obtain real with you and share my pure favorite Red Robin meal in all it’s totally unhealthy glory. It’s the Whiskey river Barbecue burger (coming in in ~ 1392 calorie & 89 fat grams), with a side of sweet potato fries (569 calories & 806 mg of sodium), complied with by a pair several bottomless freckled lemonades which every contain 37 grams of sugar (about 8 sugar cubes every glass).


Ack! absolutely an remarkable treat or cheat meal, but if it’s no my birthday, ns really shouldn’t be eat this….the grease kind of harms my stomach thinking around it…and thinking around all that sugar, sodium, and also fat is convicting. Most of their burgers and sides autumn into comparable statistics…they’re frankly loaded with not-good-for-you stuff! therefore what space some healthier choices?

Bunless Whiskey river Grilled Chicken

Since ns love the whiskey river burger below is a ligher version that still carries the classic flavors. First, ask your server because that a lettuce wrapped whiskey river grilled chicken burger and ask because that no mayo (you won’t notification it’s missing, ns promise). It will certainly be 746 calories, saving you 646 calorie (if you’re counting) there is no sacrificing the feel of the meal, aka the fried onion straws!

Grilled Teriaki Chicken Burger

This is a an excellent choice too! Or at least a kind one…with the bun and all the toppings it is 860 calories. However you deserve to nix the toasted bun and mayo and do the lettuce plunder or simply eat in v a fork and knife for 346 calories and also a substantially “cleaner” meal.

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Spicy Sombrero Salad

A great choice comes in in ~ 622 calories, and while it appears a small silly to put fried jalapenos on your greens, it’s no a bad means to eat gain them! If girlfriend skip the fried jalapenos you have a very clean salad invited with good protein and also healthy fats!

Keep It straightforward Burger

This standard burger is no a bad choice coming in at 624 calories, plus you deserve to stack that high with lettuce, tomatoes, and also onion. Girlfriend can additionally ask them to skip grilling the bun through margarine and also just, friend know, eat it without extra fake butter. (Gasp! how un-American!)


Side & Drink Ideas: 

Both the House and Insane Romaine side salads are an excellent side options, but go irradiate on the dressing or forgo it all together.If you’re yearn something sweet Red Robin has actually two good side options: the freckled fruit salad or mandarin oranges.Skinny frozen strawberry maragaritaSkinny strawberry lemonadeUnsweet Iced TeaWater

Normally through the finish of a Red Robin meal ns am therefore stuffed ns can’t even think around dessert! If you carry out decide to have actually dessert shot to split with someone else and just have actually a few bites. The an initial taste is always the best anyways.

So over there you have some good healthier alternatives for eat at Red Robin. Pin or bookmark this post so it’s nearby by when you space heading out to eat. An additional all-around pointer for eat out would be to compose down top top a small notecard (or the note of your smartphone) healthier selections at her favorite restaurants that you can reference once you walk out. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself every as soon as in awhile, yet there is additionally healthy food at most restuarants, including Red Robin!

Do girlfriend eat in ~ Red Robin? i beg your pardon of these healthier choices sounds an excellent to you? carry out you splurge in ~ restaurants or shot to stick to better-for-you choices? 

P.S. Red Robin doesn’t know me and also is definitely not payment me for this post. Although, if they offered to salary me in Freckled Strawberry Lemonades ns would have a difficult time speak no.