Canine heart mates may happen just once in a lifetime. With such an excellent love comes epic grief after your Heart Dog dies. Even if you’ve proficient pet lose before, life without your canine soul mate is much harder. Typical grief advice isn’t enough. Sometimes difficult traditional thinking around grief, Heart Dog answers every the large questions around canine heart mates, supplies practical concepts for coping v each day’s dose of grief, and provides catalyst for finding your place in the world after such a profound loss. Strategies and also insights come native the author and also 500 people who participated in an online survey. Others have actually survived the grief. You can too. Permit Heart Dog be her guide.

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“Honest, concise, and ultimately hopeful, veteran author and also dog-lover Roxanne Hawn has actually transformed the deep pains of losing her canine heart mate Lilly right into an empathetic overview that offers wisdom and also comfort to any of us who have actually experienced the lose of a lot beloved pet. Balancing her own story v those mutual by her readers, Hawn to walk the reader with the painful procedure of loss from the early stages the grief with the memorials that assist us heal. Therefore many civilization struggling with their feelings ask themselves, ‘Am ns alone in emotion this way?’ and ‘Will I ever get better?’ Heart Dog will certainly assure them, with candor and also compassion, the answers -- in bespeak -- room "No" and "Yes."Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, veterinarian and also author that All Dogs go to Kevin (Heart Dog, Emmett - July 21, 2009)

"When I shed my heart Dog, luckily I had a few long-distance friends who knew what ns was walk through, and they to be an immense help. If you’re enduring the shock and also devastation of shedding your canine soul mate, and also none of her friends and family seem to understand, Roxanne Hawn’s native in love Dog have the right to be the long-distance friend that you need. Told from the vantage suggest of she own damaging grief, in addition to input native a inspection of 500 rather who’ve lost their heart dogs, the book helps you recognize what to mean in the comes days, weeks, month and an ext as you slog with your grief and find your new normal. Heart Dog would certainly make a good gift, for yourself or a loved one enduring the extensive loss the a heart dog."Jackie Bouchard, USA Today bestselling author of Rescue Me, Maybe (Heart Dog, Abby – January 10, 2012)

“Roxanne Hawn has the rare gift of convey emotion and also logic in good writing. She uses the valuable advice of taking care of the day-by-day, step-by-step acceptance of the ns of a love dog. Never preachy, never ever judgmental, this book offers the leader tools and also the room to resolve the emptiness of shedding a finest friend.”Leland Dirks, writer of Seven dogs in Heaven

"A hopeful, encouraging read.Heart Dog is like having actually your best friend placed their arm about your shoulder and also tell you everything’s walk to be okay."Peggy Frezon, author of Faithfully Yours (Paraclete Press, October 2015. (Heart Dog, Brooks -- April 6, 2013)

"Roxanne’s suffer mirrored so countless of my very own emotions ns felt after losing my Maltese, Angel, nearly 20 years ago. Having had multiple dogs throughout my life, ns really hadn’t considered any kind of of lock a love Dog till remembering my grief end Angel. Ns wish I had actually this publication then."Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell, writer of Living huge in our little House: growing in 480-Square Feet with six Dogs, a Husband and One Remote (Heart Dog, angel – April 28, 1996)

“Roxanne Hawn has actually written a poignant book that must appeal come anyone who has suffered far-reaching loss in your life, in details the death of their Heart Dog. Hawn relates her own experiences with serious grief, and an individual struggles, adhering to the fatality of she Heart Dog, Lilly. She uses the leader numerous beneficial insights, along with thoughtful advice for understanding and also trying come cope with such a momentous personal hurt. As a veterinarian, I very recommend this publication to any type of member the the veterinary medical health care team, who would favor to get knowledge and also understanding concerning the strong feelings and severe stresses, which your clients may undergo, complying with the lose of a lovely pet, specifically their love Dog.Dr. Ted Cohn, veterinarian and American Veterinary clinical Association chairman 2014-15

“Heart Dog go an amazing task of capturing and exploring the personal, and often indescribable, feelings of grief and loss the come with the fatality of a treasured pet. This publication is a good resource because that anyone right now grieving the lose of your Heart Dog.”Dr. Stacy D. Meola, veterinarian and also board-certified veterinary emergency and crucial care specialist (Heart Dog, Casey - December 24, 2009)

“Some dog come into our resides for a reason. When that reason additionally brings heartbreak, the roadway ahead may seem impossible. Heart Dog provides you fresh ideas for working v your grief.”Dr. Rainier Ko, veterinarian and also board-certified veterinary neurologist / neurosurgeon / operated doctor (Heart Dog, Belle – September 11, 1995)

“You might feel alone in her grieving over your Heart Dog, but you space not. With the gift of this book, Roxanne Hawn will be by your side every step of the way. She gets it. She has been there, and she will skillfully guide and comfort you through your process. You will realize you belong to a neighborhood of people who have had that life-changing endure of life with, loving, and also losing, a heart Dog. You will be offered many advantageous ideas for just how to occupational with her grief and how come honor her Heart Dog's memory. Most importantly, in Roxanne friend will find a friend, a wise and also nurturing friend, who knows just exactly how you feel.”Leslie McDevitt, MLA CDBC CPDT-KA, writer of Control Unleashed and also Control Unleashed: The Puppy Program

"When mine Luna died after a chronic illness, ns was much more than devastated. Even though i knew it was inevitable, the loss to be overwhelming. Ns was shed without her. I turned come Heart Dog: enduring the ns of her Canine heart Mate, where I discovered comfort in finding out ways to alleviate the depth of my grief. This insightful book enabled me come grieve in a much more healthful way, gaining through the mourning roadblocks that so engulfed me.

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I would recommend it to anyone going v a loss."Hilary Lane, dog trainer - owner that Fang Shui Canines (Heart Dog, Luna - February 24, 2015)

"Roxanne Hawn's gentle, supportive, and also practical advice is just one of the just things getting me with the agonizing current loss that my own Heart Dog. She has composed from the depth of her soul to aid others suffering this disastrous grief and also her wisdom, coupled with the substantial survey she walk of others in this situation, has helped me know I am no alone and that there is a route out that the darkness. I'm reading components of this deeply insightful book over and also over as a lifeline."Brette Sember, author / blogger,

"I have actually lost mine brother and also my love Dog, Jasmine, a month apart. I confess that the ns of Jasmine struck me harder. I have observed the love and also bond Roxanne and also her heart Dog, Lilly shared. I saw their struggles and her pain after Lilly's passing. Roxanne's book uses a beacon of irradiate in the darkness of the devastating grief; a totally loaded first-aid kit for Heart Dog lose survival."Jana Rade, blogger / author Dawg Business: It's your Dog's Health