I farmed turn off Wesker in 5-3 and also took the heart of Africa turn off his hands simply use the rpg ~ above him, the heart sells because that 10,000 you"ll have the upgrades friend want/need in no time. Also a good place to farm for red and green herbs you deserve to mix with each other to heal you completely instead that buying very first aid spray. Save and also quit after ~ you collect the love of Africa and also herbs (if girlfriend went because that them) and load up the save and also repeat, continue until you have what friend want.

DO NOT conserve JILL OR girlfriend WILL begin 6-1 AND change THE examine POINT

Can be excellent on any type of difficulty

Yeah i likewise used this cheat to get the money to upgrade the last couple of weapons i required for the platnium.

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I do the efforts this method, yet it wasn"t for me. The truth that I had to damages Wesker sufficient to obtain Heart that Africa. And also then repeat was much more time consuming.


I preferred Chapter 5-2, where there were lickers in a U shaped corridor. You would normally obtain 5 that them, as soon as 1 is 2,500 sell price. So you would obtain 12,500 in a minute or two.


Seconded. Ns think the Licker technique is faster, and also easier to acquire money 보다 heart the Africa



I make the efforts that technique but lock don"t always drop the gem sometimes its ammo. Wesker constantly drops the heart of africa you have the right to do it conveniently with the rpg a location to farm the rpg chapter 2-3 here"s a cheesy video clip to show you whereby


A video on just how to damages him through the rpg i m really sorry again that is a bad video clip if ns knew exactly how I"d make a better one

With the egg trade you can gain all the money essential to update in no time yet you require a partner for the & rotten eggs

I didn"t also know the rocket launcher to be there

! I"ll absolutely be offering this a try at some point

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