From Aug. 25, 1979, to may 22, 1984, sleuthing socialites, a butler and a dog referred to as Freeway do murder your hobby in the series Hart to Hart. And also for five seasons, Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, and also Lionel Stander did simply that — but what has actually happened come them now that it’s to be 35 years due to the fact that the finale aired?

Even despite the ABC mystery TV show only aired for 5 season, the wasn’t the finish for the trio, as it was adhered to by eight made-for-television movies, start in 1993.

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Robert Wagner, 89

After self-made millionaire Jonathan Hart, Robert, 89, made that a suggest to execute a number of things. He costarred in eight Hart come Hart TV movie (with Stefanie), a trio of Austin Powers films and has do dozens the TV appearances, including on Hope & Faith, Two and a half Men and as Anthony DiNozzo Sr. On NCIS.

He and wife Jill St. John will celebrate their 30th anniversary next year.


Stefanie Powers, 76

While mam Jennifer Hart was one lady who knew how to take treatment of herself, Stefanie has actually been a woman taken through doing miniseries, à la Mistral’s Daughter and Hollywood Wives, and also appearing onstage in productions the Love Letters (with Robert), Applause and Gotta Dance. She additionally starred in the BBC series Doctors and wrote one autobiography, One indigenous the Hart.

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Lionel Stander (1908-1994)

Following the Harts’ servant Max, Lionel offered himself well. That reprise his golden Globe–winning Max in a few TV pics, starred ~ above the series The Boys and also appeared in the movies The Transformers: The Movie and Cookie prior to passing indigenous lung cancer. Claimed Stefanie, who had her own fight with lung cancer, “He to be a fabulous man.”


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