Last night, i couldn’t aid but look at my little girl in awe at exactly how hardworking and also focused she was. There are so numerous things I desire her come know, i m sorry is why I’ve decided to create a proud letter to my daughter.

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Generally, I’m a positive person, yet lately, I’ve been pondering the brevity of life. Does mine daughter know just how much i love her? have I to be able come instill in she the core values that ns pray she stays by?

God knows ns tell her exactly how much she means to me top top a constant basis. Yet if something to be to happen and also suddenly, i was gone, how would she cope?

This is why I’ve written a beautiful letter that will hopefully assist steer she in the appropriate direction, even on the most an overwhelming days.

I want my infant girl to know the importance of tough work, honesty, integrity, and also most important – self-worth.

I desire her come live one authentic, unapologetic life also if one day, I’m no much longer there to guide her.

It saddens me profusely once I think about not being by she side throughout monumental moments of she life.

While ns pray we navigate it next by side, here’s a letter to mine daughter encompassing whatever I desire her to know about life.

Dear daughter,


I’ll never forget the first time I hosted you in mine arms. I was so young and scared, yet most of all – excited come the bone.

The day before, that was simply me and your daddy. I offered to have dreams about giving birth to you all the time so as soon as it finally happened, I might barely believe it.

Suddenly, there was a new bundle of joy that had actually already fully shifted ours lives!

It was difficult to describe, yet remarkable to feel.

From the very first moment I saw you, ns knew you were going to it is in a cost-free spirit. Holding you in my arms was favor a dream come true.

You had that spark in your eyes and a baby smile that allow me understand you to be going to end up being one hell of a mrs one day.

And as I’m looking at you now, I deserve to proudly speak that ns was right.

You’ve already given me so much to be proud of.

The means you handle small adversities impresses me. Exactly how you cope v being told you can’t perform something is inspiring.

And the method you don’t allow anyone tell friend what to perform (other than your daddy and also me) provides me want to hug you and also never let girlfriend go.

You’ve already proven come me that you’re whatever I wished you’d be. Come think that this is only the beginning makes me want to cry tears the joy.

I cannot wait to watch you thrive through high-school, college, and everything that comes next.

There space so many things the I have to tell you best now and I expect I have the right to keep mine composure while reminiscing about all of our beautiful moments together.

I pray to God, we continue to be by every other’s sides for as lengthy as possible, but in instance anything ever happens, here’s what i pray I’ve taught you around life.

Never protect against pursuing your ambitions and also passions


I love how incredibly passionate girlfriend are around people and animals. Ns watch you proud every single day as you do small things that you think no one notices.

Every time I check out you pet a stray dog or a kitty, I check out that ns must’ve done something right. Your sort heart and generosity recognize no bounds.

The method you care around helping those in need is rare and inspiring.

And I desire you to recognize that you must never avoid doing what provides your heart happy.

If this is what you view yourself law – walk ahead and do it! If you want to uncover a job that allows you to store showcasing your kind nature, you have actually my blessing.

If you desire to pursue your desires that don’t necessarily bring in lots of revenue but assist so many, that is the noblest thing you could possibly do.

I recognize you’ll uncover your means in life. I recognize that you’ll constantly land on her feet – you’re as well smart no to.

Whatever you finish up doing later in life, I simply know it’ll be the right decision.

You’re growing up to it is in a smart, elevation woman, and also the tiny things I see you do daily inspired me to create this love letter come you.

You are truly a gem and also I’m therefore proud to speak to you my girl.

I hope you know that ns love friend from the bottom of my heart. Whichever thing you end up pursuing, my assistance is unwavering.

Your words can leave a lasting mark


But I’m sure you’ve currently figured the out. V life, us all make mistakes. No matter just how genuine, hard-working, and kind us are.

It’s it s okay to on slide up – it wake up to everyone.

But in your times that struggle, here’s what you should know: What girlfriend say during your weakest moments will stay in the other person’s head for a long time.

Be cautious what you enable yourself come say. Words have actually the power to rest a person an ext than girlfriend probably recognize right now.

To you, that may just be something to shrug off, however to them, it’s other that will certainly haunt them forever.

So please, just be type to everyone no matter how rude they could be.

Remember – hurt people hurt people! i pray I’ve teach you well enough not to engage with them and also just go your way.

Bringing others down will bring you no joy. Uncover the strength within come walk away from anything that’s counter-productive to her well-being.

Say type things also when you’re provoked.

Offer a reassuring smile also when you’re gift judged. People do unkind things when they’re hurting deep inside.

Show castle you’re better than that and also don’t stoop to your level. Anyone goes through their trials and tribulations.

But it’s up to you exactly how you select to reaction amidst them.

You space deserving the the purest form of love


Sweetheart, friend are one of a kind! You deserve the kind of love that will certainly rock her world.

You worthy the kind of man (or woman) who will go to the end of the planet for you.

Never clear up in love. Never ever let someone offer you bits and also pieces. You worthy it every or nothing at all.

You see before I met your daddy, i was a little downhearted about ever finding who who’d love me the method I necessary to it is in loved.

I’d had actually a many of bad luck when it pertained to men and also I permit it get to me.

But after feeling sorry because that myself, I determined that it to be time come snap the end of it and give myself an actual chance at love. And also as you know by now, that’s as soon as your father swooped in and won me over.

He was whatever I never thought I’d get. He to be the type of male I thought existed just in movies.

But as he to be standing there in former of me, ns realized that this was real. He was my reality.

And boy, did ns feel lucky together hell!

The suggest I’m do the efforts to do is come never provide up! You room so young and also there will be a lot of heartbreak.

But i don’t want you come let that discourage friend from still searching for your true love.

Whether it’s a guy or a woman, girlfriend deserve just the best. And one day, i promise you, lock will enter your life simply as girlfriend are about to offer up. Therefore don’t.

Remain together hopeful and as confident as you room now. Be with civilization who carry out the finest in you. Don’t expropriate crumbs of affection, you’re worthy of much more.

I wish I can tell friend when exactly it’s going come happen but I can’t.

What I deserve to tell you though is that when you least hope for it, that’s when it generally happens (keep your chin up, the best is yet to come!)

Failure isn’t a weakness, it’s a stepping rock to something better


Stay strong no matter what life throws in ~ you. Keep your faith also when it’s tested. The is when you’ll need to be brave more than ever.

Sometimes, it’s going to be challenging to continue to be on your path. Sometimes, you might even fail. However don’t for one second think the failing represents a weakness.

Quite the contrary, my darling.

Only those brave sufficient to pave your own way will learn just how to cope through failure and also use it together a stepping stone to something much much more meaningful.

Let your mistakes be just that. A finding out curve that will assist guide you and also steer you.

I understand your heart. I understand your mind. And I know that you’ll never ever let everyone trample over you.

I understand you’ll be solid even if I’m not there to tell friend to store pushing. I just hope you never ever let you yourself feel favor a failure on a bad day.

We all struggle at times, and so will you, my baby girl. But don’t allow a bad moment make you think that you’re not supposed for greatness!

Because I recognize what you have the right to achieve. And you have to too.

Every solitary mistake you do will assist you never do it again. Every single time friend don’t obtain your way, you’ll discover to uncover another way toward your goals.

Don’t it is in alarmed if that takes friend a little bit longer than you’d initially planned. Life is a journey, no a destination.

How you gain there is simply as necessary as your final destination.

You’re just human, and also you’ll make mistakes along the way. For as lengthy as friend don’t let them define you, you’re going come be just fine.

Never waste time comparing you yourself to anyone


I recognize this is something more than likely every mommy would say, however I genuinely mean it. You are perfect exactly the way you are.

You are gorgeous, smart, funny, intelligent, and also genuine. You should never let anyone tell girlfriend otherwise.

Comparisons space an utter garbage of time.

You were not put on this planet to be the exact same as anyone else. Girlfriend were carried here to pave her own means and do a difference!

The way you select to execute things is inspiring due to the fact that you never ever let anyone mold her opinions.

You always do points your way, and also that is perhaps my many favorite thing around you.

I pray to God that never ever changes. Never let a guy (or girl) make you feel choose you’re not enough.

Those that know just how to evaluate you will never ever make you doubt her worth. Surround yourself just with those that uplift and encourage you.

Weed the end anyone who renders you feel lesser. Friend are means too impressive to it is in wasting time on toxic people.

Your girlfriend circle must remain strong and small. Together you thrive older, you’ll establish how important it is to have actually a couple of good friends as opposed to a dozen acquaintances.

In life, it’s an important to have actually someone you deserve to lean on any kind of time of the day. Everyone who makes you feel prefer you’re much less amazing than you space doesn’t deserve you.

Always be yourself and keep act what renders your love happy.

Never follow in anyone’s footsteps and also just execute you. I promise you, the right civilization will never make you feel alone because that a second.

I love you much more than you’ll ever before know


Your daddy and I will constantly have her back. With thick and thin, great times and bad.

There is nothing you have the right to do or to speak that will certainly ever adjust the means we love you, and I hope you know that you can constantly turn to me in times of need.

Baby girl, you are my biggest accomplishment and nothing will ever before compare. The day you entered my life to be the day everything else came to be a tiny less important.

Family is everything, and also you do me check out that. Ns love you an ext than you know and your joy is my happiness.

Remember last Mother’s day once you make me that gift from scratch? the meant much more to me than any kind of gift you ever before could’ve bought.

And perform you know why?

Because it come from the heart. It to be personal, genuine, and also showed me the you know me far better than I believed was possible.

I pray that at some point you have a daughter every little as remarkable as friend are. Only then will certainly you be able to understand the depth behind this words.

A mother’s love knows no bounds. Come you, those are simply words, and also that’s okay. But one day, you’ll check out how exceptionally true this is.

And i pray the I’m right there by her side when you execute to see what sort of mommy you’ll become.

Writing this proud letter to mine daughter has made me see now much more than ever what a beautiful human being you are gradually becoming.

Your life is only beginning, mine love.

The future holds so many amazing things, and I’m looking front to seeing you overcome the human being one day.

One the the biggest responsibilities the every father and also mother is come raise their kids to be happy, secure adults, and also I’ll do every little thing in my strength to make the happen.

This open up letter has enabled me to say every little thing I lug in mine heart and I average every solitary word i said. Understand that I have your back today, tomorrow, and every complying with day.

Keep shining the beautiful light of yours, and I’ll constantly be watching proudly discovering I’ve excellent something right.

Love you constantly and forever,



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