No girlfriend won"t! because if you want to be there for me, climate you wouldn"t be doing this!

Jack: room you in love?

Tim: No, i barely speak come her.

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Jack: I median with Casey.

Jesse: Come on, we both recognize Caleb"s not gonna come up with the cash in time, so load up your stuff and also get out.

Ty: don"t do this.

Jesse: Oh, I"m just acquiring started.


(Punching thuds)

Jesse: Oh!

Ty: gain your hands off me!

Jesse: I"ve got you now.

Amy: Ty, what"s walk on? whereby were you...?

I think I might be in trouble, Amy.

(Truck rumbles)

(Truck rumbles come a halt)

Here we are.

Are friend nervous?

A little. Mostly simply excited.

Amy: Me too.

Ty: Yeah.

(Doors open and bang shut)

(Birds chirp)

Amy and also Ty: (Chuckle excitedly)

(Door opens)

(Door creaks shut)

(Zippers unzip, jackets rustle)

Minister: You have to be the young pair that Joanna was informing me about.

Ty and Amy.

Ty: Yes... Hi. Many thanks you for doing this.

We really appreciate it, particularly on such brief notice.

Minister: "Why placed off it rotates tomorrow, what you deserve to do today?"

This is my husband. He"ll be acting together your witness.

All best then. Let"s begin.

Are friend both ready?

Lou: Okay, so... Her wedding date is on the 29th.

Which provides us very little time come tie up loosened ends.

For example, somebody requirements to call back all that the guests who didn"t rsvp.

And, by mine count, there space at the very least 20 human being who haven"t responded yet.

Amy: Okay, i will perform that as soon as I obtain back.

Lou: Great. And also I"m gonna call each of the vendors and reconfirm every last detail.

Amy: Okay, thanks, Lou. That"s a an excellent idea.

Lou: What around your shoes?

Amy: my shoes...?

Lou: Yeah, have actually you practiced walking in lock yet?

Amy: Uh... Just at the store.

Lou: Amy, aren"t girlfriend worried that you"re gonna expedition down the aisle or soil face very first on the run floor?

Amy: i guess i am now. Why can"t I just wear cowboy boots?

Lou: as soon as you get back, I desire you in those pair of shoes doing laps roughly the house.

You can wear them while you"re on the phone.

Amy: Great. Okay, ns will, but I"ve gotta go ideal now.

I"m meeting Scott.

Lou: Okay.

Just hurry back, okay?

Oh, Amy, you understand what? I nearly forgot.

You have to tell Ty to get his hair cut, best today.

Amy: What? Why?

Lou: because if that goes come the barber as well close come the wedding, then he"s gonna look favor it"s his 6th grade photo day.

Amy: Ugh. Okay.

Lou: wherein is Ty anyway?

Amy: He"s researching at his place.

Lou: at the trailer? I thought he acquired kicked out.

Jesse doesn"t take it possession that the land till the end of the month.

I guess: v we have the right to officially take it Jesse Stanton turn off the guest list?

Amy: Yes, that"s probably a an excellent idea. Ns really have to go, Lou.

Lou: Okay, look, as quickly as you get back, we"ll simply go end the seating chart one critical time.

Amy: Okay.

Lou: (Sighs)

(Door bangs shut, van rumbles)

(Truck rumbles come a halt)

(Door slams shut)

(Crows caw)

Scott: kind of creepy, isn"t it?

Amy: (Gasps) Yeah, you can say the again.

So what occurred to the owners?

Scott: Couldn"t pay their mortgage.

Took off in the center of the night.

And the horse they left behind is no been broke and definitely is not offered to being about people.

Come on, I"ll show you.

Scott: You certain you have time to take on a brand-new horse?

Amy: Yeah, that course.

Scott: Aren"t you getting married soon?

Amy: to be I?

Oh, yeah, i guess ns am.

(Horse snorts nervously, gate clanks)

(Horse snorts, hooves thud)

Amy: Hey, boy.

(Horse whinnies wildly) Whoa, hey.

Hey, hey.

(Whinnies nervously)

Whoa... (Horse snorts nervously)


Let"s acquire him in the trailer.

(Birds chirp)

(Vehicle rumbles to halt, engine cuts out)

(Doors open and also bang shut)

(Sharp knock in ~ the door)

(Sharp knock)

(Door clicks open)

Officer: you Ty Borden?

Ty: Yeah.

Officer: I"m Officer Wright.

I need you to action outside.

You"re under arrest because that the attack of Jesse Stanton.

It"s mine duty to inform you you"re not obliged to say anything.

Turn around. Hand behind your back.

You also have the right...

(Hand cuffs jingle and also rasp)

(Amy clucks she tongue, equine grunts)

(High-pitched whinny)

(Amy clucks she tongue, hooves plod)

Amy: Ha! (Horse grunts nervously)

(Loud metallic clatter)

(Doors bang shut)

(Doors click open, police automobile rumbles)

S08E17All I require Is You

♪ and at the break of job you sank into your dream ♪♪ you dreamer... ♪♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh... ♪♪ girlfriend dreamer... ♪♪ you dreamer... ♪

(Birds chirp, tack jingles lightly)

Tim: Come on, Jack. Choose up the pace.

Jack: Oh, what"s your large hurry?

Tim: It"s Casey"s birthday. I acquired plans.

Jack: Well, walk on front then.

Paint doesn"t it seems to be ~ to have a the majority of gas in the tank today.

Tim: Well, it"s no wonder. He"s no as young together he used to be.

Old Paint must be... Grazing in a ar instead the worrying around hauling your target around.

Jack: now just due to the fact that he"s getting on in year doesn"t mean he"s ready for the pasture.

That goes because that me too.

Tim: Yeah, yeah. You could not be prepared to retire, Jack, yet judging by the means that equine is moving, i think he is.

(Paint grunts softly, livestock moo nearby)

(Heavy pats)

(Hooves plod slowly)

(Phone beeps, footsteps crunch softly)

(Birds chirp)

(Phone rings and buzzes)

Amy: Hey, Ty.

So that equine that Scott and I picked up is rather a handful.

I"m gonna start working with him today, the is if Lou doesn"t rope me into making wedding location cards or God knows what else.

Oh, and also um...

Lou desires you to gain your hair cut.

I think it looks great the way it is.

Uh... Anyway, ns hope your examining is going well.

I love you. I"ll speak to girlfriend soon.

(Horse snorts, phone beeps off)

(Truck rumbles, engine cut out)

(Doors open and also close)

Casey: I assumed you were taking me the end for dinner.

Tim: Uh, well, i am... In a way.

I"ve-I"ve arranged because that something... In conjunction v Maggie"s... Really special because that the occasion.

Casey: Well, the sounds an extremely romantic, however what"s the occasion?

Tim: girlfriend didn"t think I"d miss your birthday, carry out you?

(Quick kiss)

(Door to explode open)

Casey: (Awkwardly) Oh, wow...!

Tim: What?

No, it"s nothing, it"s just um...

It"s not your birthday.

No, ns mean, it"s sort of...

Tim: kind of...

Casey: ns mean...

It"s the 15th, so you"re not that far...

How much off?

Um... Well, you"re only off by three...

Tim: Days?

Casey: Weeks.

Tim: three weeks. 3 weeks?

Casey: but Tim... (Chuckles) the doesn"t matter!

Tim: I"m sorry.

Casey: Tim-Tim: I-I...

Casey: shut up.

(Passionate kiss)

(Hooves thud, equine grunts)

Ss! Ss! (Clucks tongue)

Ss! (Clucks tongue)

(Rope whooshes, equine grunts nervously)

(Grunting nervously)

(Snorting nervously)

(Pawing and also stamping)

You"re okay...

Hey, settle. (Snorting)

(Whinnying loudly) Whoa.

(Grunts forcefully, hooves thunder)

Georgie: Amy, look out!

Amy: Whoa! Ungh!

(Lock clanks, Amy breathes hard)

Georgie: space you okay?

Amy: (Relieved exhale) Yeah.

This guy"s no so well behaved.

Georgie: Okay, fine I"m supposed to tell you to walk inside.

Lou and also Lisa room fighting about the floor setup for the reception.

It"s gaining really ugly.

Okay, I"ll walk in.

You want me to put him in his stall?

No. You far better let me take care of it.

He"s no really provided to people.

(Grunting and stamping, whinnies sharply)

I"d just keep your distance from him because that now.

He"s got a bad temper.

(Approaching hooves clop)

Jack: Amy, you obtained a couple of minutes?

Amy: Uh, Lou"s wait for me inside.

Jack: Well, that won"t take long. I require your opinion on something.

Amy: Okay.

Jack: Well, it"s old paint here.

Doesn"t seem favor he has actually much obtain up and go.

It might be his arthritis. It might be acquiring worse.

Jack: Well, if the right thing to carry out is to... Prevent riding him, I"ll execute that, but...

Well, we could try equine massage.

I"ve been a the majority of reading around it online.

Amy: That"s a an excellent idea.

It might help soothe his joints and also relax his muscles.

We"d certain appreciate it.

Lou: We"ve already chosen the colours because that the decorative cloth panels, and also we room going with more muted tones.

Lisa: her tablecloths space white. Plain.

I mean, girlfriend go with muted tones, it"s... Kinda dull.

But these... Look.

Look how charming this colours are together.

I"m pretty sure those space the same colours they used in the arena once the circus pertained to town.

What do you think?

Amy: ns really like that.

Lisa: See?

Amy: yet I... I additionally like that.

Lou: Okay, so... I m sorry is it?

Amy: ns trust you males completely, so whatever you decide, I"m happy with.

Lou: Amy, you need to be the tie breaker here.

Amy: No, ns don"t, because, luckily, I have actually the two best wedding planners a girl might ask for.

So friend just lug on v what you"re doing.

I to trust you completely. Give thanks to you.

(Receding footsteps)

(Fire crackles) Casey: Oh, it"s a wonderful night.

I"m a lucky girl.

Tim: (Chuckles softly) This is close come perfect.

Casey: (Drowsily) Mmm...

Tim: friend know, it"s vital that you know... (Fire crackles) that I"m not interested in seeing anyone else.

You"re the girl for me.

Casey: (Drowsily) Mm...

Tim: The only one.

Casey: (Sleepily) Me too...

(Fire crackles)

Tim: i love you.

Casey: (Drowsily) Mmm...

(Fire crackles)

Tim: i do... Yes, really love you.

Casey: (Drowsily) Mmm...

(Fire crackles)

I"m tired.

I think I had actually too much champagne.

(Giggles) I"m gonna walk freshen up.

(Sharp, mystified exhale)

(Birds chirp, cold air blows)

(Door clicks open)

(Low hum the chatter)

Thanks because that coming.

Jack: Assault?

Ty: (Sighs) ns know...

(Doors open and also shut)

I"ll salary you back the bail money.

(Engine starts)

Ty: I"m sorry.

So, execute you wanna swing through Heartland for breakfast?

Casey: Yeah, that"d it is in great.

Tim: Okay!

(Door clicks open)

Oh, Tim...?

Thanks again for last night.

It was wonderful. My finest not-my-birthday ever.

(Quick kiss)

Tim: Hey, Casey...

That-that ingredient I said last night about...

Well, the I"m no seeing anyone else and... And also you"re the just and...


I... I expected that.

So did I.

(Door bangs shut)

(remy pants)

Amy: an excellent morning?

Are friend gonna be more cooperative today?

(High-pitched whinny, bucket drops)

(Gasps) assumption: v not.

Ty: Amy?

Amy: Ty! Hey!

Did you obtain my messages? Where have actually you been?

Is whatever okay?

You need a really good lawyer.

Ty: Well, I actually spoke with one yesterday and also she said a lot of will rely on the judge.

Lou: for this reason when"s her court date?

Ty: next month.

Lou: girlfriend know, Jesse, through his deep pockets, you have the right to bet he"s gonna have actually a entirety team of hot-shot lawyers, so friend just have to make sure yours has a an excellent game plan.

Amy: these charges room so ridiculous.

Jesse provoked Ty. Top top purpose.

Ty: Actually, i tackled him first, Amy.

I lost my temper.

(Front door closes)

Tim: great morning!

Casey: Hey, everybody!

Tim: Did we make it over time for breakfast?

Lou: Yeah, we room just getting started. Allow me collection you males a place.

Casey: I"ll acquire some plates.

Ty: I"ll obtain a chair because that you.

Tim: What-what"s... What"s walking on? Why is everybody therefore glum?


Is that the wedding extravaganza?

All the planning and also preparation because that a couple of hours that wedding and also then - phhhewt! Done? (Laughs)

When i look earlier on mine wedding, it probably would"ve been far better if Marion and also I had actually just eloped.

Seriously, what is walking on here, guys?

Georgie: Ty got arrested.

What? What"d you execute this time?

Amy: Dad! have the right to we just not talk around this please?

Tim: What-what for?

Lou: leaving him alone.

Tim: No, I... I think it"s a reasonable question.

Jesse Stanton filed a complaint versus me.

Tim: Why would he carry out that?

Ty: since I beat him up.

Tim: friend beat that up.

(Clock ticks loudly)

That"s serious. You deserve to go come jail because that that.

Lou: that is clear the worst instance scenario, okay?

Jesse is blowing this the end of ratio and-and-and it is his word against Ty"s.

Ty: Actually, it"s not.

There to be two building workers there at the moment that the happened, and my lawyer claimed that they"re gonna testify that ns beat increase Jesse unprovoked.

Lisa: they were probably on Jesse"s payroll.

How lengthy did your lawyer speak you can go come jail for?

A few years.

Tim: Years.

Amy: Dad, can we...

Tim: Wow.

Amy: Please protect against talking around this?!

Tim: No, ns don"t think so.

I don"t think so. We need to talk about this since you two are getting married and Ty might be walking away because that a really long time.

You require to have a plan, both that you.

Well, right now I require to obtain some sleep.

Um, can I acquire a lift?

Amy: Why don"t just... Rest in the loft?

You don"t have to go all the method home.

Ty: Okay. (Receding footsteps)

(Front door opens)

(Footsteps thud on the stairs)

Amy: I carried you some extra blankets.

Ty: Thanks.

Amy: Ty, this is every gonna more than soon. You"ll see.

I mean, there"s no means any judge is gonna take it Jesse"s side.

Ty: (Sighs heavily) i instigated the fight, Amy.

I know you"re do the efforts to be positive, but there"s a very great chance I can be found guilty.

That"s no gonna happen.

You don"t know that.

Amy: Ty, i love you.

No matter what, okay? it doesn"t change anything.

Ty: ns know, and also I love you too, Amy.

But your dad is right.

I can go to jail for a very long time and also if us go through with this wed...

Amy: If?!

What carry out you average by "if"?

Ty: If... We go v with this wedding, we can be apart because that years.

Are we prepared for that?

I"m sorry, Amy. Ns really am... Yet this alters everything.

(Remy whines, stairway creak)

(Dialing beeps)

Amy: Jesse. This is Amy Fleming.

I need to contact me back as soon as girlfriend can.


(Sighs heavily)

(Water runs)

Tim: i guess ns should have actually a talk with Jesse Stanton.

Jack: A poor idea.

Casey: Jack"s right.

You"ll just stir up a hornets" nest.

Lisa: I hate to lug this up, however maybe we should indicate to Ty and also Amy the they postpone the wedding?

Lou: No. No way.

Lisa: Well, we can"t forget that Val Stanton"s invited and how awkward is that gonna be?

Tim: No, no. Jesse is Val"s son. Val doesn"t pertained to the wedding.

Jack: We"ll worry around Val Stanton later.

As for now, we are proceeding forward together planned.

(Doors thunk shut)


Peter: did I miss out on breakfast? (Laughs awkwardly)

You"re here! I-I assumed you were at a conference in Berlin.

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Peter: Yeah, I regulated to gain a small associate come cover it because that me, and grabbed the red eye, so...