ANN WILSON Looks back On HEART's emotional 'Stairway to Heaven' power At KENNEDY center HONORS

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Back in December 2012, HEART"s Ann and also Nancy Wilson ceded a relocating rendition the "Stairway to Heaven", LED ZEPPELIN"s signature song, at the Kennedy center Honors. They to be joined through Jason Bonham, kid of original drummer John and also the drummer because that LED ZEPPELIN"s 2007 reunion show. Their version of the track gradually flourished to encompass a string section, a horde of back-up singers and the Joyce Garrett Youth Choir. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and also John Paul Jones satellite watching indigenous the balcony and were visibly moved, an especially Plant, who had actually tears welling up in his eyes.

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Ann reflect on the endure of performing because that ZEPPELIN members in a new interview through Vulture. She said: "There to be a opportunity that both <Nancy and I> could"ve dissolved into nerves, so us turned and also looked at each various other right before we go out and also said, "We"re not going come think about this ideal now and we"re going to keep our eye on the ball." I had been learning and also studying meditation at the point, and I told her to perform the point … you have a key of water and also you"re holding it and also you don"t desire to pour out any, so you just concentrate on the bowl of water. The bowl of water in this instance was the song. and then we"d freak out afterwards. And we did!"

Asked if she felt that she and her bandmates completed something spectacular, Ann said: "I in reality felt every second of it together a real, no to overstate it, however pretty damn close to orgasmic in terms of bliss. Ns felt vast awake and alive, and also I feeling the emotional content of the tune all the way down to the ground. It was yes, really authentic. The emotions associated in performing that were vast awake and also in the moment."

She added: ""Stairway to Heaven" represents a totality universe of LED ZEPPELIN and so many people love the song. Anyone thinks the they know what it means and have actually their own tiny idea around how to translate it, however there"s something about the poetry of that song that"s really hopeful and also upbeat. Something around unity. Hey, there"s a far better day coming. That post is ancient and pure and also universal. That"s what ns felt performing it. That"s why I practically teared up to sing it — it"s so beautiful."

Regarding LED ZEPPELIN"s reactions to HEART"s rendition the "Stairway to Heaven", Ann said: "When you check out your reactions when the song is being performed, you can see how various they are. Jimmy is smiley and twinkly. Robert is emotional. John Paul is both. I think Robert looked down and saw Jason, that was simply a child as soon as LED ZEPPELIN was together … the was more than likely running around during their band rehearsals as a tiny tyke. Because that Robert to look down and see him on north at the Kennedy Center, this big production that their many beautiful song, must have actually been an extremely emotional. It most likely brought earlier a many nice memories."

Two months ago, Ann to reduce the official lyric video for "The change Starts Now", her very first release in 2 years. The tune was initially recorded through Steve Earle and very first appeared as the title track of his Grammy-nominated 2004 album "The change Starts Now".

Ann"s 2018 solo album, "Immortal", consisted of cover versions of standard songs by artist who have passed away.

In the autumn of 2019, Ann and also Nancy hinted that brand-new music might be coming quickly from the reunited HEART.

"Because the tourism was so fulfilling, and also quite successful, it"s fun to begin imagining what the following step might be," Nancy said. "A new song or two would be a beautiful thing."

A new album from HEART would be the band"s an initial since 2016"s "Beautiful Broken", which to be a mix of new songs and also re-imagined execution of HEART"s standard cuts.

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