Legend that Zelda"s link spent 30 year stuck in the same green tunic (with one brief sartorial protect against in an extremely an excellent crawfish shirt in The Wind Waker). So it"s no surprised that in Legend that Zelda: Breath that the Wild (BOTW), Link is really feeling his devices oats specifically as soon as it involves clothing. Part outfits give him distinct moves: The Zora helm grants him the turn attack, the climbing set allows the to obtain to otherwise unreachable heights, and also the barbarian set allows the to fell his enemies more quickly in combat. Yet if you"re heading right into the Gerudo Desert"s excessive heat, you"ll want some BOTW heat resistance armor.

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If you"d choose to recognize where to gain heat resistance in Zelda: Breath the the Wild, you"re in luck. There space actually 2 sets of warmth resistant armor in the game, and you have the right to wear either of them to gain this benefit.

Zelda: BOTW heat resistance armor place guide: where to find the Gerudo set

Unless you"ve been hiding under a absent to protect against spoilers, you"ve probably discovered out by currently that in ~ one suggest in the game, connect has to dress in traditional Gerudo clothes in order to sneak right into the women-only city — and he looks darn good doing it. 


You"ll get the full set as component of the "Forbidden City Entry" key quest. As long as you"re following in addition to the quest when you gain to the Gerudo Desert, you"ll be one warm resistance collection richer. To obtain it, IGN says that you"ll must talk to Benja at the shrine on the suburbs of town; Benja will certainly tell you that males aren"t permitted inside the town, but another man has efficiently snuck in and out before. You"ll uncover someone top top the rooftops of Kara Kara bazaar, and once friend compliment your appearance, they"ll offer to market you the Gerudo collection for 600 rupees — so make certain you have actually the money prior to you climb all the means up there.

Zelda: BOTW heat resistance armor location guide: where to find the Desert Voe set

If wearing the Gerudo set isn"t your thing, friend can likewise get another collection of BOTW heat resistance equipment once you"re within the city proper, courtesy that the search "The an enig Club"s Secret." If you walk to the back door that the Gerudo clothing shop, you"ll be asked to administer a password: three letters and also a symbol. Gain it wrong and they"ll turn you away, yet get that right and you"ll gain accessibility to a secret shop.


According to TheUnstealthyNinjas top top YouTube, to discover out the password, eavesdrop ~ above the conversation Sumati, Pyra and Yaido are having actually through the wall. They"ll have actually a brief conversation before saying the end loud the it"s "GSC," presumably because that "Gerudo secret Club," followed by a diamond shape. Wait a work if girlfriend screwed increase the password to begin with, climate head earlier to the back door that the shop. Offer them the password, and also they"ll let you right into a an enig shop wherein you deserve to buy the Desert Voe armor set for a linked 2,400 rupees. 


According come Prima Games, the full Desert Voe set grants girlfriend shock resistance together well, therefore it"s an excellent to take into any type of area where you might experience part electroshock therapy. They also state that you deserve to buy the full set in the Tarrey Town.

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