Hollywood has had its same share the celebrity romances, breakups, and makeups over the years. So much so the it’s tough keeping track of who’s dated that in the entertainment industry. While some celebrities make their romances recognize to the public, rather prefer keeping their relationships out the the spotlight. One pair who was an excellent at doing that was heather Ledger and also Michelle Williams.

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Though the pair were frequently spotted the end together, they rarely spoke about their connection publicly. Yet despite maintaining the details the the romance under wraps, Ledger and Williams appeared to have actually the ideal partnership — the is till things began heading south.


Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams |JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams relationship began like a storybook romance

Ledger and Williams very first met in 2004 ~ above the collection of their film Brokeback Mountain.

In 2012, Williams opened up up about her very first encounter with Ledger, admitting to GQ that she was instantly drawn to him.

“Our early stage meeting, the scenarios of how we an initial met, were cosmic or something,” she told the outlet. “Yeah, a most things happened at once. It’s a little bit like, we had actually a the majority of things come do because we didn’t have a lot of time, or something.”

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The pair, that starred together husband and wife in the romantic drama, external inspection while filming a sledding scene that ended with a torn ligament in Williams’ knee.

Soon, your chemistry had come to be undeniable. Even Ledger and also Williams’ castmates can see a relationship blossoming in between them.

“I remember gift in rehearsal, and the two of them had actually googly eyes with each other,” co-star Jake Gyllenhall confessed, according to E! News. “There were sparks immediately.”

Heath Ledger and also Michelle Williams were together for three years

While filming Brokeback Mountain, Ledger and Williams began dating.

Not long afterward, the pair welcomed your daughter Matilda rose (born in October 2005) and had resolved into a row house in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill.

Though castle were two of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood at the time, the duo didn’t let their fame prevent them from life like any type of other Brooklyn couple.

While Ledger skateboarded with the neighborhood, Williams threw fundraisers for a regional anti-development group. But despite their careers and side hobbies, the couple always made time in your schedules to take care of your daughter.

“When Michelle is working, I’m the manny, and also when I’m working, she’s the nanny,” the Dark Knight star explained in 2006 (per E! News), adding that family members is “everything” to him and “the most crucial thing” he does.

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams | Photonews worldwide Inc./Getty Images

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However, not lengthy after that, things began to change as they started growing distant from every other. Climate in September 2007, media outlets revealed the the pair had referred to as it quits after just three year of dating.

Michelle Williams and also Heath Ledger damaged up because of his drug use

Though their romance began out perfect, it quickly unraveled as result of Ledger’s partying and drug use. Follow to human being (per Access), the 10 things I Hate around You star’s hard-partying ways created a rift in between him and Williams, ultimately causing she to pull the plug on their relationship.

“He had actually a lifestyle that yes, really wasn’t — at the very least in Michelle William’s eyes — compatible with raising a child and continuing in that relationship,” People senior Editor JD hello shared. “Even though their connection did not job-related out, she go love heather — she love him an extremely much.”

While news of their breakup to be sad come hear, part were convinced the couple’s split would only be temporary. Even Williams’ best friend liven Philipps felt favor “it wasn’t the end of the story because that them.”

“They to be so young and that infant was the light of both of their lives. They were simply working all the time and it to be complicated,” Philipps wrote in her 2018 memoir This Will only Hurt a Little. “Sh*t is constantly complicated. Especially when you’re twenty-eight. And also movie stars. V a baby.”

But follow to a friend of the couple, they to be just way too different and also thought it would certainly be best to live their resides separately.

“In the end, there to be too numerous differences,” the friend revealed, follow to Who.com. “She kind of turned she head to those at the beginning, however when Matilda was born to be really as soon as she started to reevaluate things. I don’t think they fell out that love; it was probably difficult love,”

Michelle Williams never stopped loving Heath Ledger

Unfortunately, Williams and also Ledger never got the opportunity to provide love another try because, ~ above January 22, 2008, the Monster’s Ball actor passed away of an inadvertently overdose within his new York City apartment.

Fans and also celebrities were left ravaged over the news that Ledger’s death. But their grief to be nothing contrasted to the of Williams, who was profoundly impacted by his passing.

Though she take it a break from exhilaration to grieve in private, she eventually pushed herself to involved grips through this disastrous loss. She also helped she daughter Matilda come to grips with the ns too.

Although it’s been an ext than a decade because Ledger’s death, Williams is still reminded of him every day.

“Every time i really miss him and also wonder wherein he’s gone, I just look at ,” the Dawson Creek actor common in 2009.

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She likewise makes sure that she keeps Ledger’s memory alive for her daughter’s sake.

“I am the mother of the most tender-hearted, high-spirited, beautiful little girl that is the spitting picture of she father,” Williams stated in a statement following Ledger’s death. “All that I can cling come is his visibility inside her that reveals chin every day. His family and also I clock Matilda as she whispers come trees, hugs animals, and takes procedures two at a time, and we know that that is with us still. She will be brought up in the ideal memories of him.”