She"s because of celebrate she 50th birthday beforehand in 2021, so it’s time to learn some lesser-known facts around Charlie Sheen’s ex, Denise Richards.

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denise richards secrets
think it or not, Denise Richards has remained in the spotlight for much more than three decades now. Richards has actually been one actor, model, and reality TV star. She"s additionally been a tabloid regular, thanks to her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen...often, much to she chagrin. Having actually taken on duties as link girl and also mother, Denise has actually a call for gift a type person. She has frequently stepped in to help Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller"s children.

Although many wouldn’t think it come look at her, Richards to be a childhood athlete - she to be the only girl on she baseball team growing up. Richards is also a best-selling author. Her memoir, The actual Girl next Door, made that onto The New York Times finest Sellers list. Richards is much more than just a quite face! A lot of of civilization respect her for she grounded approach to managing fame and controversy.

Before breaking onto the large screen, Richards guest-starred ~ above shows like Saved by the Bell, Married through Children, Beverly Hills 90210, Seinfeld, and also Melrose Place. Richards has been featured plenty of times on "sexiest women" lists, an especially in the 1990s and early 2000s.

She"s due to celebrate she 50th birthday beforehand in 2021, so it’s time to learn some lesser-known facts about Charlie Sheen’s ex, Denise Richards.

15 she Landlord Leaking Pictures

Celebs often need come worry about people offering their stories to the press. Recently, Denise Richards and her husband were sue by a previous landlord, for damages to a house they had actually rented. Quickly after, the pair retaliated. MSN reported the the couple is suing your landlord because that releasing exclusive information around them, which resulted in them ‘emotional distress’.

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14 1.1 Million Instagram pendant Strong

Richards is not shy about sharing the details of she life v her pan on society media. She keeps a really active Instagram account to fill with numerous pictures that herself, her family and also her friends. She has over 1.1 million followers, as of in march 2020.

Celebs prefer Denise love posting top top Instagram because they can produce a stare for your fans...and keep control of that narrative.

13 Wild things & Beyond

Wild Things was the an initial starring role that Richards was offered in a film, beyond smaller duties in movies like Starship Troopers.

Wild Things was an edgy, sexy film that helped create a buzz approximately Denise.

Richards claimed this about trying to make it in the business: “There’s always that little word referred to as REJECTION. It wake up to everyone. There were plenty of times the I got discouraged once I didn’t gain a role, however I love what ns was doing so much, it to be this love that preserved me motivated. I had a passion for acting, and also I wouldn’t offer up.”

12 Open marital relationship Rumours

Despite chatter that says otherwise, Richards desires you to know that both she and her husband, Aaron Phypers, are totally committed to a monogamous connection with each other.

When a fan commented on your alleged "open relationship" on Instagram, Richards was fast to set the record straight. The star created on her Instagram Page, “We in reality don’t have an open marriage.” She added that she is, “<100 percent> monogamous to mine husband.”

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11 A actual Housewife of Beverly Hills

In season nine, Richards join the cast of The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills, and also she and her friend announced your intention to obtain married. They climate planned a wedding in 10 brief days.

Richards shared her thoughts around joining the show with Bravo TV: “I to be so happy to officially it is in married come the love of my life. I can’t wait for anyone to walk on this tremendous journey through me this season top top The real Housewives that Beverly Hills. It has actually been a wild ride so far!”

10 On dating A rock Star

Not too long after Charlie Sheen and Richards finished their marriage, Richards got associated in a brand-new one...this time, v Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora. Due to the fact that their relationship ended up being public very shortly after Sambora’s separation indigenous Heather Locklear, numerous (including Locklear) stated that Sambora had actually cheated v Richards during their marriage. Both Sambora and also Richards maintain that they go not acquire romantic till after the separation.

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9 how She and also Sheen Met

Charlie Sheen and also Denise Richards very first met in 2000, once they to be filming, Good Advice. They later worked together top top Spin City and it no take long for lock to begin dating...and then get engaged. Denise stated of her relationship with Sheen, "I fell in love through who the was as soon as I met him: a solid man who can admit his weaknesses and work through them."

8 her Kids

Denise and also Charlie have two children together...daughters Sam and Lola (Sheen had one more child indigenous a previous marriage). Unfortunately, by the moment Richards was six months pregnant with Lola, their marriage was fall apart.

The 2 released a joint statement saying, “We room deeply saddened by the recent events and also out of our love and concern for our daughter Sam, ours unborn child and each other, we ask that you respect ours privacy throughout this difficult time.” Richards later embraced another daughter, Eloise, as a solitary parent.

7 The Restraining Order versus Sheen

The pair briefly do the efforts to make it occupational again as soon as Lola was born. Soon, points went from bad to worse. Denise checked out the court v statements that Sheen was abusing prescription medication, having actually erratic mood swings, and also constantly gambling. Richards filed for a restraining order versus Sheen in 2006. She stated that he was physically violent and was bringing prostitutes into their home.

6 adoption Of Daughter

In 2011, Richards broadened her family by adopting her youngest daughter, Eloise. Denise claimed of she decision to adopt, “To me, the feels favor I constantly had Eloise — yes sir no difference between an embraced child or organic child, or Eloise and also my larger daughters. I’ve constantly believed the we choose our parents and she just determined me another way. She my daughter and she’s a component of me.”

5 Life Post-Divorce

Denise appears to be loving she life and tried to rebuild her connection with Charlie Sheen because that the sake of she children. Once Richards married Aaron Phypers, she even invited Charlie to attend the wedding. She claimed of her ex, "It’s just, that is what the is. No matter what’s gone down through Charlie and also I, i invite Charlie to anything having actually to do with the kids and also I.” return Charlie did no attend his rep told said, “ wishes them nothing but happiness!”

4 work Rumours

One thing about reality TV prefer Real Housewives is the it"s all about stirring up the drama. All about the Tea reports the Brandi Glanville confessed to an affair through Denise. Brandi supposedly said the Richards, “She’s not that she pretends to be.” once Denise uncovered out about Brandi"s comments, she was livid and said that cast members were trying to damage her family.

3 Fleeing Spain during COVID-19

Richards was filming a medieval drama in Spain, but the production was closeup of the door down due to the coronavirus threat. Denise to be candid about her “surreal” expedition home, which finished with self-isolation.

Richards said, “I acquired out a day at a time. It take it me two days to gain home, i went v London. Landing in LAX - I will certainly say, they were screening. That took rather some time to get out. They certainly took my temperature when they heard wherein I was, and the CDC was there. Going through airport LAX, they are absolutely screening everyone, I will certainly reassure everyone v that.”

2 A natural Beauty In Self-Isolation

Taking to social media, Richards mutual a photograph on in march 25, 2020, showcasing a natural look top top Instagram. The star looks stunning in ~ 49 year old, even without makeup and also glam hair. She spoke around her teenager daughters completing college online and also everyone law what they can to continue to be well and safe.

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1 previous Cheerleader

It’s no really surprising that prior to she ended up being a Hollywood star, Denise Richards was a high school cheerleader - she looks the part, even today. Having actually gone to high college in Oceanside, California, this West coastline girl watch at residence in a cheer squad uniform, end three decades after she graduated.

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