Heather Menzies, fifth from left, together Louisa von Trapp with Julie Andrews together Maria in The Sound that Music. Photograph: Moviestore/Rex/Shutterstock/Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock
Heather Menzies, 5th from left, as Louisa von Trapp with Julie Andrews together Maria in The Sound of Music. Photograph: Moviestore/Rex/Shutterstock/Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock

The heart-warming 1965 musical The Sound the Music is together a perennial favourite the anyone associated with it in any capacity has basked in reflected glory because that the rest of their lives. Such was the case of heather Menzies, who has died of mind cancer aged 68. The blond, blue-eyed 16-year-old play 13-year-old Louisa, the 3rd oldest that the seven cute Von Trapp kids taught to sing catchy Rodgers and also Hammerstein songs by Maria, the fresh-faced to sing nun-turned-governess played by Julie Andrews. V Andrews and the other six children, Menzies sang Do-Re-Mi, The Lonely Goatherd, so Long, Farewell, my Favourite Things, Edelweiss and also the location song against spectacular Tyrolean scenery.

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In the film Louisa is slightly mischievous, presenting herself to her new governess together Brigitta, the surname of an additional of the children. When Maria asks she charges for help in how to be a governess, Louisa replies: “The an initial thing is to tell dad come mind his own business!” Maria is additionally warned that Louisa had hidden spiders in the vault governess’s bed. Needless come say, no spiders are surprise to frighten Maria, that wins the children, and also eventually the captain, over.

As one adult, Menzies made a name for herself among movie geeks by starring in two cultish, tongue-in-cheek low-budget horror pics, Sssssss (1973) and Piranha (1978), about killer snakes and also carnivorous fish respectively, as far away indigenous The Sound that Music together one can get. She added the surname of her actor husband teh lock of she actor husband, Robert Urich, to her own after their marriage in 1975. (She was previously married to man Cluett native 1969 come 1973.)

Born in Toronto to strict Presbyterian Scottish parents, who had emigrated to Canada after ~ the 2nd world war, Heather relocated with her household to Los Angeles in 1960. She graduated from Hollywood high school and subsequently attended Falcon Studio’s college of the art in Hollywood. Prior to making her function film debut in The Sound the Music, she introduced her TV career through a juvenile function in an episode of My three Sons (1964). She then showed up regularly as a guest in collection such together The Farmer’s Daughter, Dragnet, Bonanza, The High Chaparral and also The Love watercraft throughout the 1960s and 70s, commonly as an chaste girl. However this goody-goody persona to be erased by a naked photoshoot because that the august 1973 issue of Playboy, licensed has been granted The soft Trapp.


Menzies in 2004. Photograph: Rex/ShutterstockThis was adhered to by Sssssss, in i beg your pardon she walk a most screaming together the bespectacled daughter that a foolish scientist who has actually turned she boyfriend right into a snake. She is a slightly goofy personal eye in Piranha, a satirical spin-off that Jaws (1975) in which bathers are the prey of flesh-eating fish. On television, she had actually a featured duty as a revolutionary in every 14 episodes of Logan’s operation (1978), a spin-off native the 1976 sci-fi movie.

Menzies gradually cut down on job-related when she was liven bringing increase her three children, whom Urich and also she had adopted. After he passed away of cancer in 2002, she developed the Robert Urich Foundation, devoting lot of her time to elevating money for cancer research and also support for cancer patients. She additionally attended consistent Sound the Music reunions, consisting of one in ~ the 50th anniversary screening in LA in 2015. Charmian Carr, that played her elder sister, Liesl, in the film, passed away in 2016.

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She is endured by her 3 children, Ryan, Emily and also Allison.

Heather Menzies (Heather Menzies-Urich), actor; born 3 December 1949; died 24 December 2017

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