No pain, no gain. Kenya Moore revealed to us Weekly that she perform on Dancing through the Stars in spite of an injury.

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“I wasn’t feeling good. Last night, i danced through an injury today to mine ribs, knee is bad,” Moore, 50, said Us and other reporters top top Tuesday, October 13. “Like, I have actually so countless things that are going on, yet even dancing with the pain, — not simply physical pain, however emotional pain — It’s to be difficult.”

It was a dramatic week for Moore and partner Brandon Armstrong. ~ above Tuesday’s DWTS, they landing in the bottom 2 alongside Matt James and Lindsay Arnold. Despite Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba poll to conserve the previous Bachelor, Derek Hough and Len Goodman decided to provide the Real Housewives that Atlanta star one more chance.


Brandon Armstrong, Kenya Moore and also Tyra financial institutions during “Disney Villains Night” on ‘Dancing through the Stars’ on October 12, 2021. ABC/Eric McCandless

“They speak they saw value in us being in the competition. For this reason we appreciate that,” Moore said Us.

The save came ~ above Tuesday’s Disney Villains night ~ the reality star payment homage come Snow White and also the 7 Dwarfs through their Viennese Waltz come Ariana Grande‘s “Dangerous Woman.” However, it to be Monday’s Disney Heroes night the left she in “excruciating pain.” She and also Armstrong, 27, carry out a modern dance come “How much I’ll Go” from Moana, and the final lift didn’t go together planned.

“When ns jumped top top him, ns think I just landed wrong. I arrived on my two bottom ribs, and I assumed I broke them,” the Celebrity Apprentice alum explained. “In fact, in the air, i was certain I broke my ribs. I simply went and also I couldn’t breathe.”


Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong throughout “Disney Heroes Night” ~ above ‘Dancing through the Stars’ on October 12, 2021. ABC/Eric McCandless

Though over there was initially “excruciating pain,” Moore believed she can grin and bear it at first. “Later, i was like, ‘Brandon, I acquired to walk to immediate care and get one x-ray. Ns think I damaged my ribs.’ So, the physician came today, and also I’m OK. He said it’s simply going come take some time. And yeah, the display is really helpful just making certain that ns was OK. But I’m in a the majority of pain.”

The recovering star included that she feel sorry because that Armstrong, who has actually been feeling guilty about the injury.

“Poor Brandon! he is like, ‘Oh, did ns hurt you? did ns hurt you?"” Moore commented.

Still, the Detroit native was happy that she put on her video game face and also got the job done.

“When girlfriend dance v the pain, girlfriend know, we dance through it,” she told Us. “And that’s what i think champions are made of as well — just having actually that focus and making sure that nothing gets in her way.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET top top ABC.

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