The Off-Broadway premiere that the Laurence O"Keefe-Kevin Murphy musical Heathers, based on the wickedly dark 1988 movie comedy around a clique the deadly and also domineering high institution girls, started performances in march 15 at new World Stages.

Tony Award-nominated legitimate Blonde composer O"Keefe collaborated through Emmy-winning Reefer Madness writer Murphy top top book, music and lyrics because that the musical.Andy Fickman ("Reefer Madness," "She"s the Man") directs the manufacturing that will officially open up March 31.

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Anthony Crivello and also Dan Cooney Chad Batka
Elle McLemore, Jessica Keenan Wynn, and Alice Lee Chad Batka
Barrett Wilbert Weed and also Katie Ladner Chad Batka
Barrett Wilbert Weed and also cast Chad Batka

The music arrives in new York adhering to a sold-out 2013 Los Angeles premiere. Several actors members indigenous that manufacturing return for the Off-Broadway engagement, including Barrett Wilbert Weed (Lysistrata Jones, Bare) together Veronica, Ryan McCartan ("Liv and also Maddie") together JD and also Elle McLemore (Bring that On: The Musical, "Army Wives") as Heather McNamara.

The cast additionally features Jessica Keenan wynn (Les Misérables) as Heather Chandler and also Alice Lee (Spring Awakening, Spider-Man: rotate Off the Dark) together Heather Duke, v Katie Ladner as Martha Dunnstock, Jon Eidson as ram Sweeney, Evan Todd as kurt Kelly, Tony compensation winner Anthony Crivello (Kiss the the Spider Woman, golden Boy) as Ram"s Dad/Big Bud Dean, Dan Cooney (Mamma Mia!, 9 come 5) together Kurt"s Dad/Veronica’s Dad/Principal and Michelle Duffy (Leap of Faith) as Ms. Fleming/Veronica"s Mom.

check out"s brief Encounter through Barrett Wilbert Weed, Revisiting teenager Angst and High school in Heathers. The ensemble contains Dan Domenech, Cait Fairbanks, Rachel Flynn, Molly Hager, Charissa Hogeland, AJ Meijer and also Dustin Sullivan.

Heathers has set design through Timothy R. Mackabee, costume design by Amy Clark, lighting style by Jason Lyons, sound architecture by Jonny Massena and music direction by Dominick Amendum. Choreography is through Marguerite Derricks.

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Here"s exactly how it"s billed: "September, 1989. Westerberg High is terrorized by a shoulder-padded, scrunchie-wearing junta: Heather, Heather and Heather, the hottest and also cruelest girls in every one of Ohio. Yet misfit Veronica Sawyer rejects your evil program for a new boyfriend, the dark sexy stranger J.D., that plans to put the Heathers in their location - 6 feet under. Deliciously, darkly funny, romantic and also moving, Heathers: The musical is a truthful, uplifting parable for anyone who’s ever been in love, in trouble, or in high school."

Heathers is created Off-Broadway by Bruce Bendell, Jamie Bendell, Scott Benson, Andy Cohen, J. Todd Harris, Amy Powers, Scott Prisand and huge Block Theatrical. Creators Fickman, Murphy and also O’Keefe are also producers, together with executive producer Denise Di Novi.