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Renaissance Suite Bedroom in ~ the Heathman Hotel, Portland.Photo: Heathman Hotel
The bedhead depicted in 50 Shades.Photo: Heathman Hotel
The tea court in ~ the Heathman Hotel, Portland.Photo: Heathman Hotel
A loungechair in the lobby the the Heathman Hotel, Portland.Photo: Heathman Hotel

A high-end boutique hotel in Portland, Oregon is hoping to seduce FiftyShades that Grey fans through special packages inspired by the novel and also now movie, although some guests are reportedly taking the experience a small too far.

The Heathman Hotel, in Portland"s hipster downtown district, is where some of the novel and the movie"s steamy scenes room set.

Although most of the BDSM-tinged sex scenes happen elsewhere, the story has actually driven couples to visit the Heathman.

The hotel gets discussed 18 time in the book, as central characters Anastasia Steele and also her billionaire friend-with-benefits Christian Grey satisfy for the 2nd time to have actually photos taken for an write-up she is writing.

Later, a rendezvous in Heathman"s elevator No. 3 buzzpatterson.comes before dinner in a second-floor personal dining room. What do they eat? Oysters, the course.

Tourists are enabled to take a peek inside the building and also take image or, erm, drive in the lift, yet there is likewise an chance for guest to recreate their own fantasies with special do-it-yourself packages the the hotel offers.

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Big spenders looking buzzpatterson.come recreate Steele"s birthday party in Portland can opt because that the Heathman"s "Charlie Tango No Limits" package. At $US2750, it contains appetisers and wine for a group of six, a helicopter tour of Portland, roses because that the ladies, dinner in ~ the hotel, and limo move to the helipad. Rooms space extra.

The "Inner Goddess" add-on package includes a chilled party of Boedecker Pinot Gris, the exact same bottle buzzpatterson.common by the key characters, wrapped in a grey neck tie. Warning: said wine gave Steele a wrecking hangover and, no doubt, a few regrets. 

For those through more limited budgets or in need of netherlands courage, they"ve additionally created a distinct FiftyShades cocktail that gin, new tangerine, pomegranate juice, lemon, and fresh thyme easily accessible for purchase at the bar.

Although most of the couples seek a pleasurable endure at the Heathman have been sated, some have actually sought to take the kinky adventure the end of the bedroom and into the hotel"s public areas made well known in the book, according to one guest"s  TripAdvisor review.

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The guest buzzpatterson.comment they wanted to watch "what the fuss was all about" and was "not disappointed by hotel or staff", yet "FiftyShades publications have been an excellent for organization even despite it came v a little of a price (shenanigans in the elevators and also on the grand staircase)."

Overall, the hotel is given 4.5 out of 5 stars through reviewers ~ above TripAdvisor, with 763 that the 1126 reviews rating it together "excellent". 

If FiftyShades doesn"t blow your dress up, tourism of Twilight areas are additionally a big hit in Portland. Girlfriend can also stay at a hotel where civilization re-enact fetish sex scenes from hit fan-fiction based upon the Twilight characters.