In heaven, everyone has wings (except Jesus) and also it’s always light, according to Colton Burpo.

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Four month after his emergency surgery, 4-year-old Colton Burpo started telling his parents about experiences he had in heaven while he to be lying in the hospital bed having actually an emergency appendectomy. As soon as the small boy indigenous small-town Nebraska described where his mother and also father were throughout the surgery and what they to be doing if he was “up and out the his body,” Colton’s parents, Todd Burpo (a good news pastor) and Sonja Burpo, knew that was telling the truth.

They decided to re-publishing Colton’s blog post of belief through a book, “Heaven is for Real,” i beg your pardon is now a brand-new York Times best seller. A film based upon “Heaven is for Real” will certainly be in theatres on April 16th.

Before Colton’s explanation of heaven space released ~ above the huge screen, we believed we’d offer you a sneak peek. Right here are several of the things little Colton says he saw:

1. Angels sang come him due to the fact that he to be scared. That asked them to sing, “We will certainly We will certainly Rock You,” however they wouldn’t.

2. Colton defines heaven’s gates as being made of gold through pearls top top them. The city that heaven, the said, is make of miscellaneous shiny, prefer gold and silver. There are an ext colors in heaven, and also the flowers and also trees space beautiful. Colton says he saw animals of every type — including Jesus’ rainbow-colored horse and dogs, birds and also friendly lions.

3. Colton states he sat on Jesus’ lap in ~ one allude while he was in heaven. He states Jesus has brown hair and also hair top top his face. He told his father the Jesus’ eyes space so pretty.

4. Colton claims Jesus had “markers” in the palms that his hands and on the tops of his feet, and also that he wears white through a violet sash and a yellow crown v a pinkish diamond in the middle.


This painting of Jesus Christ by Akiane Kramarik is what the Savior watch like, follow to Colton Burpo.

5. Todd and Sonja Burpo proved Colton numerous paintings of Jesus to find out i beg your pardon one he thought came closest. The wasn’t until he finally saw the paint of Christ by 8-year-old prodigy Akiane Kramarik, who cases to have seen heavenly visions from the period of four, that Colton said it to be right. After Kramarik ongoing to share her visions that heaven and turn them right into life with her paintings, her atheist mother started believing in God.

6. Colton called his parents around meeting his sister in heaven, who his mother had miscarried prior to Colton was born, and whom the parents had never talked to Colton about. He states this sisters looked a lot favor his living sister, Cassie, however was smaller and also had dark hair. Colton states she wouldn’t protect against hugging him.

7. Colton likewise claims that met his grandfather, who passed away 30 years before Colton to be born. Once Colton’s father showed him a photograph of “Pop” shortly before he happen away, Colton didn’t recognize him. As soon as his father verified him a picture of “Pop” at 29 years old, Colton instantly known him together the male he spent time with in heaven. Colton called his father the no one is old in heaven.

8. Colton said everyone in heaven has actually wings except Jesus, who “just went up and also down favor an elevator.” Also, follow to Colton, everyone in heaven has actually a “light” over your heads.


A colour sheet easily accessible at heavenisforreal.net shows what Colton Burpo claims God and Jesus’ thrown resemble.

9. Colton claims to have actually seen oh my god throne, i beg your pardon he defines as “really, really big” and says Jesus’ throne is “right next to his dad’s,” on the right, and also that Gabriel’s throne is on the other side. Colton claims he experienced Mary kneeling in ~ Christ’s throne and also at other times was standing by him. He claimed “she tho loves him like a Mom.”

10. Colton says it never ever gets dark in heaven, since God and Jesus irradiate it up.

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To learn an ext about Colton’s entire story, together told by his father, Todd Burpo, click here.