Todd, Sonja, Colton, Cassie and also Colby…

have invested the past 10 years of their resides traveling around the globe to re-superstructure the expect of Heaven v millions. They would certainly love to companion with your church, ministry or company for a speaking engagement in the near future. If you space interested, you re welcome fill the end a booking request type and we will get ago to you ASAP!


Heaven is for genuine Ministries was created in may of 2011 due to the overwhelming response to the publication “Heaven is because that Real” by Todd Burpo. Us are devoted to share our story through anyone who wants to hear it because that the sole objective of lifting up the surname of Jesus Christ and His church.

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As us tour around the civilization bringing the expect of Heaven anywhere we go, we remember the it is just by the elegant of Jesus the we room able to do what we do. Us live in light of His sacrifice, and we go in irradiate of his speak to on our lives.

Just together Colton"s pilgrimage was no accident, we think that you gift on our website is no accident either. Maybe you are below to connect with our correspondence team and ask united state questions around Heaven. Possibly you room here because you desperately need someone come pray with you. Or maybe you are interested in detect out much more about pass Todd and also Colton to her town.

Whatever the case, we want to speak welcome, and thanks for stopping by.


If our first book was all around the "then" and also "there" that Heaven, God is for actual is all around the "here" and "now" the earth. Civilization are worn down of play answers available up in "churchy" language explaining far their best questions. What bothers united state most about our faith is frequently quite real and also gritty, and also yet we frequently do not technique these concerns with these species of answers.

In God is because that Real, Todd charges into these topics with a fireman"s courage, a small-town friend"s vulnerability, and also a regional pastor"s compassion. He helps articulate the questions that civilization have, then provides them appropriate biblical wisdom for taking their next procedures in faith.

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Heaven Is for actual is the true story that the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska minister who throughout emergency surgery slips indigenous consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able come look down and also see the doctor operating and also his dad praying in the wait room. The family didn"t recognize what to believe but quickly the proof was clear.


A not correct leg, kidney stones, and also a bump diagnosed as hyperplasia. Times to be tough, money to be scarce, and also the bills and frustrations to be piling up.It was right into this kind of stressed the end life that God sent out Todd and also Sonja Burpo the discontinuity of a life-threatening illness and emergency surgical procedure for their almost four-year old kid Colton. An discontinuity that contained his unforgettable trip to heaven.


Colton Burpo came back from his expedition to heaven with a very important message: Jesus really, yes, really loves children. In an initiative to with even more families with this eternally far-ranging story, this runaway bestseller is now told from Colton"s view - from boy to kids! children will receive the exact same comfort and also assurance that so many adults have received from the initial book, sky is for Real.

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Colton Burpo came ago from his trip to heaven v a very important message: Jesus really, yes, really loves children. In an initiative to with even an ext families v this eternally far-reaching story, sky Is For real is now simplified and also told in a board book format for small ones. Young kids will obtain the exact same comfort and also assurance that so countless older children have received from the photo book.