"Press X to Jason" is the activity prompt native a quick time event featured in the 2010 interaction drama action-adventure video game Heavy Rain for PlayStation 3 (PS3).

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On January 29th, 2010, GameTrailers, a video clip game news site renowned for its abundance of trailers and also reviews, released the an initial preview that gameplay clip from the-then upcoming interactive drama action-adventure PS3 video clip game Heavy Rain. The clip begins with the opened prologue wherein the main protagonist character Ethan Mar is presented spending time v his household at a shopping mall come celebrate his elder son Jason"s 10th birthday. Once Jason all of sudden wanders off and also disappears right into the crowd, Ethan frantically searches for him, and at 0:36 in the video, the player is prompted with the action command "Press X to Jason" in order to scream at Jason and draw his attention (shown below).

The awkwardly-worded prompt is an example of quick time events, a form of video game mechanics which needs the player to push a particular button or an essential at the best time time in bespeak to finish a young task, the are broadly featured throughout the game. Compounded by other quirks and glitches existing in the trailer, consisting of awkward voice acting and odd CG face animation, the expression "Press X come Jason" quickly became basic target because that mockeries online.



On February 4th, 2010, YouTube user masterfox3000 posted a remix that the initial trailer video titled "PRESS X because that JASON," which served as the catalyst for a series of various other heavily-edited mashup videos special the sampled quote.

On in march 17th, The Escapist writer Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw the review Heavy Rain in an illustration of his web collection Zero Punctuation, in which he coined the catchphrase "Press X to not die" in lampooning odd instances of fast time occasions featured throughout the game.

Yahtzee"s review instantly rang a bell with many of the viewers, countless of whom then started sharing their very own jokes around the quote in the comments ar in homage to Yahtzee"s famous phrase.


Yahtzee"s parodical expression "Press X to no Die" consequently spread throughout many other video game-related conversation forums.

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On march 12th, 2010, Heavy.com emphasize a flash-based parody game titled Press X to Jason: The Game<8> occurred by website user K. Thor Jensen. The video game is basically an 8-bit rendition that the details scene in the shopping mall that involves pressing the "X" crucial to "Jason."


On might 23rd, YouTube musician Eric Fullerton uploaded an initial song title "Press X come Jason," which details the occasions of the heavy Rain scene in a musical form. Within the an initial three months, the video gained over 100,000 views.