Héctor luis Palma Salazar, was born in any type of year in between 1950 and 1960, rather say the his introduction occurred in 1962. Beyond this vague fact, what is particular is that he first saw the people in a town called Noria de Abajo, Mocorito, State the Sinaloa, Republic that Mexico.

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He began his long and also tortuous criminal career as a car thief ~ above his own initiative, then supported to the group of rental assassin, later on the company commissioned him the logistics that the entry of hefty shipments of medicine through among the parts of the lengthy border of his country with the United claims until he came to be one the the leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel.

As a kid he had actually to face poverty therefore he feeling the responsibility to leave institution without having also completed major school to shot to assist his family. His criminal career began to flourish by illustration the attention of a gentleman called Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo who already had a call career as a drug lord.


The starts of El Güero Palma

“The cook of Chiefs” Félix Gallardo originally assigned him come his department of hitmen, after verifying his efficiency and also responsibility in his tasks dispatching souls come the unknown measurement by violent methods, supported him come the group of Logistics Manager of the department of the Guadalajara Cartel in fee of the market of the border that the mexican State that Sonora with the American Union.


In that place he teamed up v Joaquín Guzmán Loera much better known as “El Chapo” who hosted a similar position in the Tecate, Baja California area. When the Arellano Félix stayed with the most rewarding territory: Tijuana.

The Güero Palma Betrays Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo

This aroused the desire of Palma in such a way that one day, he could not withstand the temptation to save a cargo, considered a violation the the code of the ideal executive the the cartel and therefore a traitor with all the after-effects that this have the right to bring.


After the episode, the life the Héctor louis Palma took on a different dimension. The “Chief the Chiefs” would not remainder until he acquired revenge on that at one moment had all his confidence for this reason he drew a sinister plan aimed at resulting in him the greatest feasible emotional suffering. The setup began by rental a (According come the specialists in the subject) handsome gentleman of Venezuelan nationality named Rafael Clavel Moreno.

The terrible Revenge versus El Güero Palma

The mission the this man was come infiltrate the closest circle of “El Güero” Palma. Clavel, fulfilled all the phases of the assigned mission.

He earned his trust to the suggest of coming to be his partner in part risky and also illegal but lucrative venture, then he offered his seduction skills to get married a sister that Palma and the final phase to be to end up being his wife’s lover, Guadalupe Leija that Palma, to to convince her to take 2 million pesos from her accounts, to escape with him to san Francisco, California, where when they continued to be at a hotel that proceeded to reduced her throat.

Portrait that the wife and also children the El Guero Palma

Fifteen days later on he take it Héctor Jesús and Nataly, young of Héctor and also Guadalupe to san Cristóbal, Venezuela, whereby he proceeded to throw them from the bridge of La Concordia, taking the precaution of taking a video of the terrifying event to send it to Palma. It should be listed that Rafael Clavel also sent Guadalupe’s head properly preserved in a cooler.

The Güero Palma Avenges his Family

Clavel was arrested after having fulfilled the mission entrusted and immediately assassinated. It is likewise attributed come “El Güero” the killing of Rafael Clavel’s lawyer, Jesús Güemes, of ripe Arellano household members, the the activist because that the defense of human being Rights, Norma Corona Salazar and also three student of Venezuelan nationality registered in the Autonomous university of Sinaloa.

In addition, he is connected to the assault on a nightclub in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, whereby 10 human being were murdered. The objective of the assault was to finish the life the the Arellano Felix brothers that were in the previously mentioned place.

¿How to be El Güero Palma captured?

On June 22, 1995, Palma was caught by Mexican military officers after enduring a aircraft crash in between the claims of Nayarit and Jalisco. Press information refers that agents the the PGR helped him and removed the from the crash website to relocate him come a place beyond the reach of his persecutors.


The soldiers of the Mexican army who apprehended him uncovered who that was when they uncovered in the ar where he was recovering native the injuries of the accident, weapons extended with gold, inlaid v diamonds and also a palm tree made through emeralds.

El Güero to be sentenced to 7 years because that possession that cocaine. The righteousness of his nation assigned him a maximum protection penitentiary located in Puente Grande, Jalisco, where he had the possibility to meet again v his old partner Joaquín Guzmán, AKA “El Chapo” that fled the site in 2001.

El Güero Palma is Extradited

In 2002, when he was about to leave prison for having completed his sentence, an arrest warrant because that extradition by the United says would come in Mexico.

In this means the drug lord might not leaving prison, but would stay in it till 2007, when he would lastly be sent out to the soil of Uncle Sam.

Already in the custody of the unified States, he would spend his days among the prisons of Florence, Colorado and also Atwater, California. On June 10, 2016, he finished payment his sentence in the united States. He stayed a couple of years, barely nine years of a 16-year sentence, thanks to his declaration together guilty of the accusations versus him and also his an excellent behavior throughout his imprisonment.

¿Where is El Güero Palma currently?

After his relax in the unified States, the government of that country handed him over to the mexico authorities, that out of fear chose to leaving him in his custody while lock reviewed the existence of various other charges that might be imputed to him.

He is at this time being held in the federal prison “El Altiplano”

Narco Corrido of El Guero Palma

Narco corrido dedicated to Héctor “El Guero Palma” Salazar, by the Tucanes of Tijuana.

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The Güero Palma and also Television

In the Netflix series “El Chapo” appears under the name of Heriberto Palma and also the actor who plays that is Juan Carlos Olivas.In “El Chema” Telemundo tv series, shows up under the surname of Eutimio Flores AKA El Rojo, and his personality is played by Fernando Noriega.